Builds 4 door FJ40

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Jan 18, 2008
Lehi, Utah
I have been planning a frankenstien build for a couple of years now. I would like to extend my Fj40 and make it into a 4 door. I know there are a few who have already done this. I saw a picture of one a couple of years ago. Im looking for any pictures that might help me visualize what my project might look like. please post if you have or know of one. Thanks.
4 door cruiser.jpg
Seems like it would make more sense to buy a Troopie as the base for the 4 door. That way you get a good solid frame and roof. Just a thought.
Thanks for the pics. Looks like the separation between the front and rear doors is to maintain the stock fuel filler location. What I am thinking is to use a rear 22 gal. auxiliary tank with an OEM fuel filler door so that the passenger doors can be close together. Id like to minimize the stretch to the wheel. 16" max. That would put me at 106"

Any other pics are very welcome.
Here is a 2D sketch of what I am planning.
that blue cruiser seems to sit on a HZJ79 frame, regarding the licence plate it has the 1HD-T and a custom J4 body with homemade fenders and a stretched bonet...:hillbilly:

I like your´re sketch a lot better...go for it :D:wrench:

I think it´s importend to use as much as possible stock parts to have the same design....
I agree. My goal is to have it look like it came from the factory. The blue ones doors are too far apart and they didnt fix the slant on the back doors.
Here is a 2D sketch of what I am planning.

Hmmm, do ya think toyota would sell a boat load of those rigs in the US and Canada with a optional 6 or V8 diesel?

Oh ya man, they gotta get her done.

Talked with some cruiser heads who said if the Jeep four door comes out with a diesel next year they are jumping ship.

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