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  1. S

    Hey Brooklyn,Long Island,Queens! Working on a restoration/rebuild? Need novice help?

    Hey I'm Mike, new to IH8 but heard about it for some time now as I've always wanted to own an FJ since I saw one way back in my days on Oahu where I grew up. Now I'm in Hawaii, yeap for 12yrs now so it stuck and I'm happy with it so far. So last week I tried to purchase an FJ62, but before I...
  2. G

    Northern New Jersey or New York LC Mechanic

    All, I live in Paramus NJ. I am looking to find somebody local that is honest and very good at what they do. Car is stock but developed a leak I want solved. Thanks. Rich
  3. EspressoKiller

    For Sale 1990 Hilux Surf 4x4 (lightly modified) in Ithaca, NY USA

    SOLD I'm listing my 1990 Hilux for sale. I've owned this truck for exactly a year and it's been a reliable daily driver and light off road vehicle. Upgrades have been aimed at increasing power, gas milage and reliability. $7500 This is a right hand drive car that I bought from Japanese Classics...
  4. EspressoKiller

    For Sale 1990 Hilux Surf 4x4 in Ithaca, NY

    This is my 1990 Hilux Surf for sale $9000 I bought the truck last December from Japanese Classics LLC in Richmond, VA. They imported it from Japan earlier that year. ~125,000mi I have added: GReddy intercooler Replaced turbo with an OEM CT20 EGT/boost gauge Boost controller (set to 14psi...
  5. S

    For Sale Awesome Stock '84 FJ60 - NYC - Rust Free

    I'm selling my FJ60 as times are tough and I can't really afford to keep the truck anymore. I can produce all the receipts for the work I've done on it over the past 1.5 yrs. I'll consider all offers but hope they fall into the reasonable category. email me to set up a viewing...
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