For Sale 1984 BJ42 Montreal $13k

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Wow. Nice find, Karl!
Nice BJ42. Mine is also in similar shape. It appraised at 30k Canadian. I would say the value that this fellow is selling it is fantastic! I'm easily into mine for that price and the engine on mine was not rebuilt. It's at 150k good deal for someone!
i would want to see the quality of work before i made a statement that it is worth $150K ...
If it is level of "restoration" they claim then there is something fishy here! Why would you do this level of work, the price to do the body and rebuild the engine is well over the asking price.

If it is not a scam and the work done is true then whoever buys it at this price will be flipping it, I would figure!

I don't believe it has had the attention the seller is claiming and only be asking the small price they are.

The pictures are rather unveiling IMOP.

Something fishy here..... I figured the Kijiji ad was a typo on price as I too have also seen it elsewhere for nearly triple the $$$$.

I have also emailed both Kijiji and Ebay with no response.....?
Well the Detroit Diff and the cheapo wagon wheels aren't factory. Wud love to see title, 84 is still pretty rare. Subscribed!

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