1. Porzingis213

    Underbody cover

    Hi guys I am wondering if anyone can tell me why this is so cheap. I have been looking for the underbody cover for my 2000 lc because my mechanic forgot to put it back on and they have all been like 400 dollars but I found this and it’s $26. Is it a picture of the cover or is it really just...
  2. N

    2017 Used LC - undercarriage pics

    hi Everyone, I am new to the forum and hopefully posting this to the correct thread. I see this forum has a lot of experts and enthusiasts of Land Cruisers. So, I was wondering if I could get some excellent advice from y'all. I am looking to buy a used 2017 Land Cruiser and was hoping if you...
  3. snorig

    Trying to identify what these underbody pipes/conduits carry – Help!?

    Hi Everyone, I hope this is the right place for this question. I have a 1997 40th from the Northeast and it has some frame scale rust that I'm in the process of blasting and grinding off. Part of the rust is on the catalytic converters/exhaust manifold (which I am replacing with a magna flow...
  4. K

    Too much rust on this '06 LX470?

    Looking to get into a 100 and found this truck on Offerup for 11,500 with 145k miles. It's a NE truck so has definitely seen some salt, but I don't know enough to judge if this is an acceptable level of rust.
  5. M

    Rust on Undercarriage - Need Feedback pleas

    I am considering buying this LX, its in excellent condition, 123k miles, but comes from the northeast. I live in NC, would love some feedback on the level of rust on the undercarriage as i am considering this for a daily driver. Thanks
  6. Moe123

    LC 100 undercarriage rust

    I’m looking to buy this LC 100. It’s one owner, no accident 150k miles, body is rust free but has this under body rust. Please help if I should buy this at 15k or not:
  7. john thompson

    Protection for undercarriage after spare tire removed

    Anyone have a solution for protecting everything that gets exposed when the spare isn't under the truck? I bought a rear bumper with tire carrier, but now that the spare is missing from underneath, a lot of wires and hydraulics are exposed. Any ideas?
  8. CloudCity

    So much undercarriage talk, video assist

    Here's the best way to view the undercarriage on one of these. No need to climb under, get dirty, or even use a flashlight. A little coincidental that another LX 470 is driving by right as the video begins. Skip ahead to 2:40 minutes to see the full undercarriage. Actually kinda interesting...
  9. E

    Is this too much rust?

    all, I am new to the forum and I am looking at buying a 100 series rig as a third vehicle toy/camping vehicle for my family. With that said, we camp about 3 hours highway drive from our home and I want the vehicle to also be a reliable and safe on the highway. I put a down payment on a 2003...
  10. HDJdreams

    Help! - Undercarriage inspection tips?

    I looked at a 2009 tonight. It’s from NJ. The interior was in fantastic shape, the outside paint looked fine as well as I could tell in the dark. The undercarriage had been freshly undercoated. I was laying in a puddle, looking around with a flashlight the best I could at places that weren’t...
  11. B

    Advice on undercarriage rust treatment?

    Hey Guys, I had my car up on the lift and was changing the oil and greasing the zerks and noticed that the under carriage is starting to rust. I have had it just over a year and it was really clean underneath and no rust. I got the car from near riverside and I live close to the coast in San...
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