trd supercharger

  1. 04tree

    For Sale Alberta: TRD Supercharger for 2UZ

    Hi all, long time lurker parting with a complete TRD supercharger kit off my 2004 Sequoia. Charger worked fine and made boost when installed but I have not mechanically opened it up for inspection. I don't need the power, fuel consumption or complication with a new baby here so it must go! The...
  2. C

    Wanted Wanted...OPINIONS on price for TRD s/c for 80 series: What is it worth?

    What is a used TRD supercharger for a TLC 80 series worth on the secondary market? What is a fair price right now? I searched recent classifieds, but these things don't go up for sale very hard for me to judge. *Mods, if this is the wrong forum for this thread, please move.
  3. SHREDwagon

    SOLD 1999 UZj100 - TRD Supercharger, 3xLocked, ICON 2.5, 4:88, White

    Video walk around: More Photo's available here: Cruiser Life Drivetrain: - TRD Supercharger, Unichip Piggyback ECU - Nitro Gear 4.88 Gears, with recent bearings / seals - ARB Front Locker - OEM Rear E-Locker - ARB HO Compressor - Thorley Stainless headers with custom exhaust and OEM gaskets -...
  4. UZJ100 FOR SALE


  5. Ali M

    where can I order TRD supercharger for LX450?

    Do they still make these and could you share a link or point to a vendor here on the forum that sells them?
  6. N

    TRD Supercharger oil change

    Can't find any procedures to change the oil in a series 1 TRD supercharger for the 4.7 uz. Any help would be appreciated or recommendations on a good Tundra forum that might have the info I need. Thank you
  7. Mlachica

    For Sale CA:'95 Expedition Ready FZJ80, TRD S/C, ARB Lockers...

    SOLD 1995 Toyota Landcruiser. Acquired in 2007 with about 93k miles. Currently has about 168k. SOLD For over a year I’ve also mulled over the price. From the examples I’ve seen, few and far in-between are any 80’s built like this one (for sale anyway) and with such low mileage. From...
  8. P

    For Sale TRD Supercharger

    Hi guys, I have a Supercharger off of a running 2003 Toyota Tundra. If you are interested please look at my listing on Craigslist of Tucson, Az. It is under auto parts for sale. Thanks, Paul M.
  9. Bear s

    Fzj 80, the romanian approach

    Hi there mudders all around the world! For quite some time now I've been watching you from the shadow, and I've finally decided to present my own Land Cruiser with my learning’s from it. Just as a small introduction, I like old cars, no-matter how stupidly they were built. For some years I've...
  10. Aliveiride

    Need help from someone who's installed TRD supercharger on 80 series

    I removed the SC from 96 LX450 to send it out to be serviced (unknown # of miles on it and Eaton recommends service at 60K intervals) and I'm having problems re-installing it. I did not originally install the kit and while I enjoy the benefits of added HP, I am amazed how s***ty the design of...
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