transmission swap

  1. HDJdreams

    CEL and OBD2 1FZ transmission swap?

    I am trying to figure out how to change the transmission in my 97 FZJ80 and get more gears. One of the biggest hurdles is keeping the CEL off, (I live in an emissions tested area). Over the years on Mud, every time I read about someone thinking of a manual swap, it was shot down because of ecm...
  2. HDJdreams

    A650F 5 Speed for 1FZ

    ”Fools rush in where angels fear to tread”:worms: Stay tuned :popcorn:
  3. H

    01 Transmission Problem

    Guys, my transmission went out last night (or so the Toyota dealership is telling me) and I would love to get your input. I have had my 2001 LC for roughly 1.5 years and started baselining it when I got it (previously rebuilt a 1997 LC). It currently has 315k on the clock and I bought it...
  4. F

    FJ80 Transmission Options

    Hello...Have a 1993 FJ80 in very good shape at 225K miles...but just informed it needs a new transmission. Would be interested in thoughts about: rebuilt vs used and sources for either, reliable shops for this work and possibly restoration in CT/NY/NJ area, estimated costs, any other war...
  5. Timmytorq

    3 speed to 4 speed transmission swap

    I have a 1967 FJ40 with three speed column shift transmission. I want to switch over to 4 speed floor shift. Will a 4 speed bolt in place of 3 speed retaining current bell housing and transfer case? If so, what year 4 speed transmission should I be looking for?
  6. NYIronPig

    3-speed transmission swap to a 4-speed?

    I am looking to improve my rig by upgrading my stock 3-speed tranny. I have looked at the 5-speed option, but it gets very expensive with all that is needed. Have read a lot that the 4-speed makes the FJ40 a nicer daily driver. Besides getting the H41 4-speed transmission and bell house, what...
  7. Hailey Walker

    For Sale  Toyota Pickup V6 R150 Transmission

    Tupelo, MS and Laurel, MS area. I bought this transmission to swap my 89' Pickup automatic out with. Never got around to it and now the new owner wants to keep the automatic. I'm selling the transmission (with transfer case still attached), brand new clutch kit (Aisin), and brand new master and...
  8. CruiserWeight

    Heart Transplant Help. (Take Out Parts For Sale)

    So after hashing things out at the DMV I can finally move forward with my build. I have a 1987 FJ60 with a tired 2f engine that needs replacing. I have been slowly acquiring the parts I plan on stuffing underneath the hood and have the usual head scratching moments that come with a project of...
  9. RaineyOutdoors

    Manual Tranny Swap 91 FJ80 TLC

    I recently got a pretty decent FJ80 from Austin Tx and drove it about 3 hours home. On the way home we noticed the gearbox hangs and has some scary-hard shifts in it. It has a little over 200k and ive done some well needed maintenance (spark, smogg bypass, fluids, filters, wheels, replace OEM...
  10. 1

    Swap SM465 for Spicer CM 5052

    I have a 1977 K10 with an SM 465, and I was thinking, I also have a 1978 G78 with a Spicer CM 5052 five speed. That five speed would be nicer. What kind of roadblocks would I run into doing a swap?
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