1. KLF

    TPMS weirdness

    Having a really odd/irritating problem with the TPMS system in my '07 ES350. I had new Michelin Primacy's installed a few weeks ago, this is on aftermarket rims with the sensors that came with them. They told me one sensor had a dead battery so I had them replace it while doing the install...
  2. jerryb

    TPMS sensor behavior, don't believe your installer?

    I'm guessing this is already known. I searched and didn't find anything. I had a blow out on a pothole and got the MIL for the sensor. Put the spare on. Fast forward 5 days waiting on tires shipping and I go to install and the tire guy says, "all your sensors are bad" I said that probably...
  3. bamma

    TPMS--Has anyone had the batteries die? Recommended replacement model?

    I just picked up some RW wheels, and am wondering if I should just put in new TPMSs in the replacement wheels rather than transferring the 7 year old sensors that may not last a lot longer. I have a techstream, so I can add the new ones to my LC. Just wondering if the batteries have died in...
  4. jLB

    ARB TPMS retrofit kits

    Has anyone played with these ARB TPMS kits? Internal Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensor System (819100) External Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensor System (819101) Of course I see equivalent Chinese kits all over Amazon for about 1/3 of the price of the ARB (or less).
  5. M

    TPMS battery replacement guide (2005 Tundra)

    Fairly recently my TPMS light went off in my truck. Since the batteries in the sensors were at least 11 years old, this was no surprise. Instead of buying new sensors or disabling/bypassing/living with faulted out TPMS system, I decided to just replace the batteries in the sensors. Before...
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