1. T

    HJ61 1988 factory window tint?

    Hey all! Anyone know the tint% and color of the factory window tint? HJ61 if that's a key to the answer.
  2. Bludozer

    Pics of tinted 80s?

    I sleep in the truck so have been strongly considering tinting for a little more privacy in popular areas + cooler interior during the summer is a bonus as well. Personally I am not crazy about the look of dark tint and am feeling like it might not suit the 80 too well. Search only came up...
  3. Cass007

    Rear Window Drama

    So long story short ... mistakes were made and accidents happened today and I broke the hatch glass of my 97 LX450. I had the windshield replaced a few years back and remember them saying it had the bronze tint. The issue I'm having now is that the Safe-lite rep says the only hatch glass listed...
  4. gummycarbs

    Is there a clear film on the rear hatch glass?

    I've searched the forum and read several threads, but couldn't really answer my question. My '94 has a clear film of some kind on the rear window (the hatch/liftgate window with the defroster wires). It's slightly blurry and peeled in a few spots. I don't know if this is OEM, or just badly...
  5. T

    Night Vision + Front Windshield Tint = ???

    I'm looking to purchase an LX470 with the night vision feature. I don't have any use for the night vision feature, but one thing that's concerning for me is that the windshield has a small square on it, where the night vision displays at. Is that small square a film that can be removed or is it...
  6. Hornd

    What do I need to know to Install Window Tint?

    3% Johnsons Baby Shampoo & Distilled Water in spray bottle & Squeegee Clean, then clean, then clean? What am I missing? Bought the precut kit on Ebay $27 for 4 Windows and Rear Window. Worse that happens is my time is wasted and $27 in trash.
  7. Muddy Bean

    Where to buy Bronze Mist Tint Glass?

    My 100 was vandalized last night and the glass companies (Safelite) cannot find replacement glass to match (bronze) for my drivers side rear door glass. Obviously the green and the black privacy glass doesn't match at all. Can someone point me in the right direction here? Is this basically a...
  8. 1973Guppie

    For Sale  80 series winshield tint kit (SOCAL)

    I have a new one of these in the box: Amazon.com: Rtint Window Tint Kit for Toyota Land Cruiser 1991-1997 - Windshield Strip - 35%: Automotive comes with 3 shapes you can pick from or you could tint 3 trucks with it, made for the 80 series. I just decided I am not skilled enough to install...
  9. krice118

    Builds  Krice Build Thread

    I want to track progress. This is a very slow build as I just Graduated from Ole Miss. I am moving to Denver this fall with a job at an accounting firm. I was driving my grandma's 2005 RAV4 2wd for years and when my sister became 16 my dad started to ask me what I wanted. At first I thought...
  10. tampacruiser95

    Has anyone tried crystalline clear window tint

    Has anyone tried this stuff? It mostly keeps the factory look but offers same protection from sun and heat as dark tint. Any feedback on if you like it?
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