1. E

    Belt Adjustment Bolt Replacement

    Throwing this out there for those looking to replace the nuts and bolts that adjust the alternator and air pump belt tension on FJ60s - I found Dorman part #917-148 on Amazon (LINK) to be a good fit and replacement. It has the same M8x1.25 thread as stock. Quick and easy fix for any...
  2. Pierce

    Wanted  Supercharger Belt tool

    I’m looking for the tool to loosen the supercharger tensioner pulley for the FZJ80. I think it looks like this... If anyone has one for sale or knows where i can buy one i’d Appreciate it. Don’t know how much they were new but I’ve got $100 ready to go.
  3. 04UZJ100

    Serpentine Idler and Tensioner Life??

    What sort of life have you been getting out of your serpentine belt, tensioner, and idler? I have been hearing a low volume high frequency squeal on cold starts in damp weather. It goes away in a few minutes. You can't hear it in the cab, you have to walk to the front of the truck to hear it...
  4. K

    AC tensioner bolt snapped

    I swapped all my belts while I was changing my radiator today and the damn AC tensioner bolt twisted and snapped off right where it goes through the slider. I need to take a closer look again tomorrow in daylight for what to do next. Anyone have this happen to them? how did you fix?
  5. B

    For Sale  Tensioner & Pulley - 100 Series NIB

    Part No.: 16620-0W101 TENSIOER New in box $40 shipped in US
  6. R

    91 land cruiser pulley tensioner

    does anyone know the part numbers for the 3 pulleys that go on the belt tensioners on a 1991 land cruiser 80 series?
  7. 2

    Timing chain skipped when oil pressure dropped and hydraulic tensioner lost tension

    Hi there, I'm hoping I can pick some of your brains. I have a locked 97 LX450 with 150k on it. I was messing around on a very very steep dirt hill trying to climb it (testing out there lockers ;) The engine was close to, but below, redline. I think the angle starved the oil pump, the pressure...
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