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  1. car-car

    For Sale San Diego: 2000 Land Cruiser

    California only vehicle; no rust. 2nd owner; have owned for over 10 years. Decent condition, light off-road use (mostly fire trails and forest roads). Was setup and used for camping. National Luna dual battery system installed with Deep Sea fuse block, power run for 12V fridge (not...
  2. R

    Wanted WTB - West Coast 60 - '85-'87

    Looking to buy a rust free `85-`87 60 under ~175k miles. Clean interior and as close to stock as possible. Would rather not have to do a complete windows-out paint job, so exterior in nice shape as well. Not tied to a specific color, but would like it to be original factory color with...
  3. T

    Land Cruiser Mech Rec

    Hey everyone! Just drove my old east coastie 100 series rust bucket over to California and looking for some good recommendations for some work done on her in the Santa Barbara area. My underbody is looking rough and I think it’s time to get something done for that (sandblast job for sure). Might...
  4. Rockymtnreaper

    SOLD Calabasa, Ca: 1988 FJ62 Frame off restoration. AKA The Gold Surfer

    Hey guys, I am selling a 1988 FJ62 Toyota Land Cruiser for a friend in Southern California. It’s a beauty that has been through a frame-off restoration with a previous owner. It drives amazing and gets plenty of thumbs up along the way. It came from Japan straight to Florida where it has lived...
  5. DCM

    For Sale Goodyear Adveture Wrangler 265/70/16 - SoCal only

    i have 4 lightly used goodyear adventure 265/70/16 for sale (tires only, as shown). Drove 5,060 miles on them and they still have 11/32 tread as measured by discount tire at the time of removal (see pic). The tires are in very good condition and I only swapped them out because I bought a...
  6. T

    Southern California Landcruiser mechanics

    Wondering if any one had any recommendations for Land Cruiser shops/mechanics in Southern California/Orange County? I saw a thread somewhere earlier but for some reason I can't find it. Looking for help with an ARB air compressor install and maybe some suspension work. Thanks!
  7. Ghetto Fireman

    For Sale 1990 FJ-62 Southern California $8000.00

    Posting this for a friend: 1990 62 160k miles extremely clean w/ absolutely zero rust. These are the only photo's I have so please contact owner for additional info New Price of $8000.00 Found out is has a Salvaged Title !!!!! Kristine 213-200-8338
  8. ethernectar

    SoCal 200's - Role Call

    I know @usmcHOG is local, who else is in SoCal?
  9. E

    Souther California 100 Series Wanted

    New member here, I am in the market for a 100 series in Souther California. I have found one that has an odometer that stopped working at 190,000 This is seeming a little suspicious to me. I asked the seller for the vin so I can run a CARFAX report. Should I be worried about the odometer...
  10. badsamaritan

    For Sale Looking for pre '76 cruiser in So-Cal (LA / San Diego areas)

    I have cash in hand and I'm actively looking in all the usual places. Trying to find one in running / driving and in decent condition. Looking to stay in the 17k range. Thanks in advance--Mason
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