1. W

    Wanted  2003-2007 LX470 SC, NC, GA, FL, VA, AL, TN

    Want to buy Lexus LX470. Preferably 2003-2007, below 150k miles and either white or sand dollar pearl. I'm in Charleston, SC but willing to travel. Southern owned is a plus. I'll be in Atlanta this weekend 8/4 - 8/5, so if you have something in that area, let me know ASAP!
  2. FloridaPhillip

    Wanted  FJ40 in Southeast

    I’m looking for a FJ40 in the southeast. I’m in the Florida panhandle but travel to Birmingham fairly often. My budget is ~$12K. I want mostly stock with a hardtop, and doors. Some mods are ok— I just don’t want a crawler. I would prefer 72-78, but interested in all years. It needs to be...
  3. T

    Wanted  FJ60 in Southeast

    Long time listener, first time caller. I've always loved land cruisers, and am finally in a position to pursue the dream of having my own. I've been actively looking for a little while now, and am preferring a 60. I've looked at a couple 62's here in my area and I like them, but would strongly...
  4. Midgainc

    For Sale  10/73 Pig Project For Sale

    After much deliberation, I have decided to sell my project. I have spent hundreds of hours on it, and thousands of dollars. I took a bunch of photos today. I would like to sell as a package. I think most of the hard to get parts are there, including a tailgate handle, thanks to Delancey. I...
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