slave cylinder

  1. cstraface

    For Sale  Eagle, ID: Fj40 Parts (slave cylinder, jump seat covers, brand new front bumper, etc)

    I have the following parts available: Jump Seat Covers: SOLD Unsure of the make, they were on the seat frames when I purchased them Used Slave Cylinder: $10 + ship I believe it's in good working order; it was replaced as I troubleshooted my clutch which turned out to be a bad Master...
  2. MyCruiserisaHogBeast

    BJ74 Clutch Master rebuild/clutch booster seal replacement w/pics

    Hey all. So I found myself in the unknown after chasing my clutch fluid disappearance to my clutch master after replacing the slave (may or may not have been needed), and right after that discovery, my truck stopped shutting off. It was then I discovered it has a clutch booster, something I...
  3. brhydock

    Project advice please

    Hey fellow cruiserheads! This weekends project is replacing my master and slave clutch cylinder on my 85 fj60 and being fairly new to turning wrenches on my rig I was hoping to get advice/ tips! From what people say, it seems like it should be a pretty straightforward job but I am having a...
  4. Matthew Deweese

    Wanted  slave cylinder bracket

    Looking for a slave cylinder braket for am early fj40 f35 engine. also adapting to three on the tree linkage hope on making sense
  5. Bucketdog827

    New Here and have a Question about Clutches and Slave Cylinders

    Hey yall, I am going to start this off by saying I am not a mechanic and most of what I do know is based of looking stuff up on the internet to try and figure things out. I have a manual 91 toyota pickup with a 22re engine thats got a recurring problem: my stick keeps getting stuck while im...
  6. D

    Clutch Help Please

    I have a 1983 BJ45. The clutch needs two pumps on the pedal to build up pressure, also with the slave cylinder the threaded rod that comes out the end is able to be moved in and out with very little force by hand. Is this normal? I am having issues with the box getting jammed in 4th gear and it...
  7. pokerDawg

    Help with FJ60 Clutch Slave Cylinder Removal

    '83 FJ60 Clutch Slave Cylinder by pokerDawg posted Apr 15, 2017 at 4:28 PM I can't take the hose off the clutch slave cylinder. I'm using a 17mm open box wrench. I've sprayed it with stuff to loosen bolts. I've tried removing the hose while the cylinder was mounted and unmounted. I've searched...
  8. Hailey Walker

    For Sale  Toyota Pickup V6 R150 Transmission

    Tupelo, MS and Laurel, MS area. I bought this transmission to swap my 89' Pickup automatic out with. Never got around to it and now the new owner wants to keep the automatic. I'm selling the transmission (with transfer case still attached), brand new clutch kit (Aisin), and brand new master and...
  9. jesus888

    NV4500 / Chevy 350 / Clutch issues - Can't shift into/out of gear

    Hey fellas, I'll first give the rundown on the specs and then I'll explain the problem... Specs: 1972 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 Chevy 350 (Crate motor from ~1999) NV4500 (Early version with granny low) Unknown Clutch (probably installed 58K miles ago when drivetrain was updated) Clutch Master /...
  10. SimplyTanner

    No clutch! 2nd gen runner

    1993 runner, 3.0L with a manual (R150f). Well, the last week or so I have had to put the clutch pedal ALL the way to the floor to disengage. Then yesterday, while driving, my pedal stopped returning and I could barely disengage the clutch. I Milked it home and discovered I was slightly low on...
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