1. pif

    Wanted Needed FJ80 shifter with PRND32L pattern

    Swapped from a442f to a440f, so need 7-position shifter like on pic. No metal part needed. Basically, need two of these for two rigs, but would be happy if can find at least one. Anyone?
  2. pif

    Wanted FJ80 shifter with PRND32L pattern

    Swapped from a442f to a440f, so need 7-position shifter like on pic. Basically, need two of these for two rigs, but would be happy if can find at least one. Anyone?
  3. Texasknowhow

    4_Runner w/ loose shifter

    Guys, my daughter has our 99 4-Runner at college and was home recently for Christmas. I drove the vehicle after some normal maintenance and noticed the shifter lever was loose (front to back) when in any position. i.e. - in D you can move the indicator on the left of the shift all the way to N...
  4. CUSailor

    Transfer Shifter Misalignment issues

    Well, I'm hopefully on the home stretch of getting this thing back together ('79 FJ40) and ran into a curious snag. When putting the transfer case shifter back in I thought it was pretty straight forward. There's only one way it can mount and it seemed to be a natural fit. My probelm though is...
  5. dnh1

    Installed a 4Runner TRD shifter in my ‘16 LC

    Here’s a cheap upgrade that works. I bought a TRD shifter for my the 4Runner Santa is bringing my son (which is totally bad @ss by the way - pic below). The color didn’t match the 4wd shifter on his truck. So I tried it on my LC (my stock shifter was worn from my hand and looked bad). I...
  6. bottombracket

    60 series 5 speed shift knob options

    I have a confession to make. The currently available OEM h55 shifter knob from Toyota is this gray rubber one with an embossed ring. Photo credit @ranma21 I hate it. It’s.....ugly. I know there are great options from other vendors that replicate the four-speed style knobs from the...
  7. E

    A little Embarrassed: How do I reinstall my shifter button?

    Hey Guys, I have been a tiny bit dormant on the forum but have been getting back into things as I start to work on my 98 LX470 with 375k miles on the clock. I recently was replacing the center console and seat heater buttons, so I totally screwed the pooch and messed with the shift knob, and...
  8. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale Complete shift linkage and floor shift 1991-1992 Land Cruiser

    SoCal From a 1991 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ80 with A440 transmission. The whole thing including shift lever, floor piece, top plastic tunnel cover, linkage, knob. $180 with local pickup. Shipping and Paypal are available.
  9. Bucketdog827

    New Here and have a Question about Clutches and Slave Cylinders

    Hey yall, I am going to start this off by saying I am not a mechanic and most of what I do know is based of looking stuff up on the internet to try and figure things out. I have a manual 91 toyota pickup with a 22re engine thats got a recurring problem: my stick keeps getting stuck while im...
  10. huminajumina

    For Sale (WV/DC/MD) Tons of FJ40 parts, shifter,MCs, smog, PS pump.

    Hey guys, I hinted at all these parts in my --->> other listing <---.... I am busy with work, so I will try to check back often and respond as soon as i can. I'll ship the cheapest priority mail or whatever i can. Shipping cost will be added once I can get an accurate and cheap quote for you...
  11. FJ62 Shifter & Linkage Parts

    FJ62 Shifter & Linkage Parts

  12. Neils4him

    FJ62 Big Blue stuck shifter

    Hi all- my 1989 FJ62 drove fine yesterday, parked it in the driveway and this morning I can't get it into gear. The shifter will move out of park but not into gear. I haven't driven it in a week, apparently my wife noticed it being more difficult to keep the shifter into the park position. I am...
  13. fj40taz

    For Sale Advance adapters shifter knobs

    Brand new for twin stick setup. Right from advance adapters. $40 shipped to your door. US only.
  14. Surftruck

    FJ62 4Lo shifter stuck in place

    Hey, 4 Hi engages fine via button on dash. 4 low shifter seems to be stuck in place, I am afraid to force it and severely damage something. Can not engage 4 low. Have not had time to get in there and look around. Figured it was worth reaching out to see if this is a common issue before I start...
  15. billstoudt

    4 sp shifter removal

    i know this is extremely basic but i dont want to mess up anything. how do i remove my shifter. non of my manuals show me how this is done.
  16. BGlynn19

    '74 Transfer Case Rattle

    I have done extensive research to try and avoid having to post on this but I'm at a complete loss. Above 25mph I get a buzz/ rattle from that area of my transfer case in my 1974 FJ40. The sound goes away if I just push down on the shifter ever so lightly. I have gone through the entire...
  17. torpedo51

    FJ62: sloppy AT shifter

    Hi, I'm thinking that my shifter is partially broken. It works. It does make a positive gear selection. However, once in a gear, I can pull the handle rearward about 3/4" and rotate it about 10 degrees CCW, which causes the red selector to disappear. Its not a big deal, but I'd like to fix...
  18. R

    turn signal/hazard click in gear shifter

    so I've been doing a whole bunch of work on my land cruiser and i just put all new led's in the dash. when i assembled it i turned on the hazards to make sure they were working. when i did that there was a click in the safety lock for the gear shifter and every time the lights blinked the shift...
  19. Downey

    4WD Floor Shifter Gee Whiz Info

    When using the original Toyota 4WD floor shifter with a non-Toyota transmission on a Chevota conversion the transmission adapter manufacturer (Advance Adapters or Downey) normally provides a new mounting bracket for the 4WD floor shifter pivot pin, necessary since the stock transmission pivot...
  20. Wes

    Wanted PTO Winch Shifter Brackets

    Looking for brackets 36804 and 36827 pictured below. Part numbers 36804-60010 and 36827-60020.
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