1. Baja73

    Wanted  FLORIDA. Radio delete plate

    Who has a radio delete plate for a reasonable price? Willing to take one with broken tabs. Willing to take reproduction if it’s done well? Thanks.
  2. Krondor

    FST Reproduction Parts

    Hey Guys, I have started looking into FJ40 Parts that are hard to come by. Two components are currently the factor soft top safety strap bolts and Vadar light cover. I have 3D scanned the Vadar light and produced the following 3D metal printed vadar light. I was wondering what you guys...
  3. Nixon481

    Jump seat strap reproductions

    Testing the waters to see if anyone would be interested in some repro jump seat straps for their 40? I can make these to any length. Strap thickness matches oem straps at just under 3mm. Way beefier than the aftermarket options available.
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