1. M

    1974 FJ40 - Fuel pump problem

    Folks 1974 FJ40 - Fuel pump is not working. Things that have been checked and are okay: Spark plugs Coil Points Carb Fuel is not filling up the filter close to fuel pump. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Minnie
  2. 60wgnadvntrs

    Parts and Service Advice

    I live in Boise Idaho, and I am getting ready to give my 88' FJ62 w/ 213k miles some tender loving care -front axle rebuild, shocks, brakes -transmission fluid change and a new filter (shifts rough into 2, sometimes takes forever to shift into 3rd) -checking out a leak from the transfer case as...
  3. mattv94

    Which trail repairs have you made?

    My list: brake caliper bolt coming loose (absolutely terrifying) passenger side lower coilover bolt coming loose Needless to say torque wrenches are my best friend now.
  4. SmokingRocks

    Interchangeable Parts List FZJ-80 (For Trail Repairs)

    I though I had seen a list around here that had a list of nuts, bolts, parts and electronic components that are interchangeable. But for the life of me I can't find anything now. I'd like to put a PDF list on my rigs ipad in case I need to make a trail repair in BFE. Does anyone have this...
  5. IdahoDoug

    Bragging Dad - daughter repairs 80 2000 miles from home

    So, our daughter is at college with the 270,000 1997 Cruiser in Michigan. It will remain there for 4 years because it costs more than an airline flight to drive it 4300 miles round trip for summer break. I did some heavy maintenance before we drove out there with her. memo: Gee, I wonder what...
  6. Chris8760

    Body repairs at the factory?

    My 60 is (I believe) all original paint and I have every shred of paperwork going back to the salesman's business card at Penn Toyota on Long Island.... No indication of any body work or paint. The passenger rear quarter panel appears to have an ever so slightly different finish than the rest...
  7. bshillam

    FJ80 required maintenance and various repairs

    So I am doing some research into the FJ80 for the next family expo rig and come across a few threads that state they require quite a bit of $$ in maintenance and upkeep. ?? Of course I have read the numerous threads that speak to their robust nature and how reliable they are. I guess the real...
  8. OptimusPrime

    Help Please - 'Broke' 4-High During Extraction from Snow Bank

    Hi all. I'm looking for best guesses here and also hoping someone can suggest a reputable LC shop in the SLC area... This morning in attempting to free my 1999 100 Series from a 1-foot-deep snowy/icy street parking spot, I appear to have 'broken' 4-High. In my first attempt at plowing through...
  9. Abdulwahab

    Landcruiser Repairs In Kenya

    We Repair Landcruisers and Even sorcehard to find parts In Kenya.
  10. 3

    Should I buy '97 FZJ80? Sell the 2010 4Runner Trail?

    Hi All, first time post... Always wanted an LC and I have an opportunity to buy an 80 from a family friend. Ive been looking for a low mileage 100 for months now and haven't been able to find. This would not be my daily driver and would be used for weekend beach trips, Eastern Sierra, Mojave...
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