1. Wrencher93

    1997 FZJ80 Rehabilitation

    Back-story: Hi all, I've been a Mud member for about two years now. Thanks to this site I bought my 80 from another member in 2018 and have been enjoying it ever since. It's a 1997 so it's got that 1FZ-FE inline goodness under the hood. Currently sitting around 248K on the odometer. I bought it...
  2. GeologistFelix

    Wanna do a brake refresh (pads, shoes, bell cranks), what do I need?

    Title pretty much says it all. My brakes are working okay except for a slight pull on hard braking, and the usual rusty/muddy bell crank problems with the handbrake, but I'd like the peace of mind from replacing all the wear components and cleaning everything before I go on some big-ish road...
  3. SteveY

    Front End Refresh Parts List

    Any other suggestions? I have the F-N-R / R-N-F clunk and my original axles are starting to sling a bit of grease. Figured I would nip it in the bud with new axles, flanges, and bearings all in one shot. Also, I have two torn ball joint gaskets and the freeway wander is starting to get...
  4. JulianJ

    1979 Refresh

    Hello, I recently picked up my first Land Cruiser and I am excited to learn about these beasts and get things going! Thought I would share how I picked it up. This Cruiser had been parked for at least 5 years outside near my house. The first time I saw it I had no idea what it was. This got...
  5. RaleighCJ

    LX450 interior refresh

    So it begins. Alxe rebuilds complete, engine fluids replaced, power steering rebuilt...time for the interior. Here is the current state.
  6. S

    StormRider's 71FJ40 Refresh

    I have been so busy with work since I bought it a month ago and haven't had much time to mess with it but that will change. This is what it looked like when I got it, dirty and muddy. So yesterday I went over to my buddy's house to pressure wash it and blasted most of the latex paint the...
  7. BMThiker

    All Pro skids for FJC refresh

    I've been beating the snot out of my skids since 2007. Last summer I started thinking about re-doing my skids and finally came to the conclusion that I would be better off just replacing them, instead of attempting to fix/straighten or fabricate something myself. I contacted All Pro and showed...
  8. Ratpuke

    Website Refresh

    Hi. It's been a couple years since we've really done anything with the website. It's time for a bit of a refresh so if anyone wants anything added please email ratpuke @ and I'll get it added. We should revisit the member section too as some faces and vehicles have changed. So if...
  9. MScruiser

    Warn M12000 Recondition

    I scored a used Warn M12000 a few weeks ago, and this is what it looked like: The winch came from one of the city's utility trucks (Energy in Jackson, MS) that was bought at auction. These trucks are usually fitted with winches out of principle, but they are rarely if ever used. This one was...
  10. mhudson

    BJ44 1981 Newbie

    I just purchased a 1981 BJ44 and have the following questions: * Lift kit (2", 2.5", 3" or 4") - Is the BJ44 springs the same as on the BJ42? Front and rear? - What's best kit to install - Shock replacements recommendations? Extend brakelines steel braided etc. * Has original...
  11. G


    Latest rumors suggest Toyota will be coming out with a new cruiser for the '15 model year. I think a face lift could be possible then, but not a redesign. Anyone care to clarify ?
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