prinsu roof rack

  1. MDJ

    SOLD RTT: Tepui Autana Sky 3 Ruggedized

    Both items are SOLD The tent can be viewed in this folder: Prinsu rack and Tepui tent - Google Drive Tent is 2 years old. Used less than 10 times. $2100 obo. It is in like new condition with exception of the cover, which has light scuffs from trails. Ruggedized Series Autana 3 - This is the...
  2. C

    Prinsu Roof Rac

    Have a like-new Prisu Roof Rac for sale. fits 3d gen double cab. Just didn't like the stra noise. $250
  3. tampacruiser95

    SOLD Moving Soon: 1995 FZJ80 - Harrisburg PA

    I am selling my 1995 FZJ80. I love the truck and it has no issues, but I am trying to consolidate down to one vehicle that gets better gas mileage. I bought it stock from Ohio in OCT 2015 and shipped it to FL where I was living. Now I am living in Harrisburg, PA. Clean title and I have it in...
  4. BMThiker

    Prinsu Roof Rack for FJC

    I recently installed a new roof rack to replace the factory one. The Prinsu all-aluminum roof rack is relatively new to market and it appeals to me because of it's low profile, light weight, modular design and relatively competitive price. This rack is kind of like buying flat-pack furniture...
  5. LTD FJ

    Routing Wires to the Rack

    Well, finally bought the Prinsu rack for my 80. I searched and read a few posts about running wires, but wondering if anyone has any other photos or advice. I bought the 40" LED light bar with the rack, before reading what others said about mounting a light up there, and hope I dont get too much...
  6. aaron9252

    Prinsu roof rack - similar style and company for 60s?

    I've been looking at roof racks and roof rails for my 60. I really like the Prinsu shorter style. Most seem to be bulky, which I'm not a fan of. Unfortunately, they haven't finalized the 60 series unit as of yet. Anyone have recommendations that look similar?
  7. McDowra

    Prinsu Roof Rack Group Buy

    CLOSED GROUP BUY IS NOW CLOSED!!!!!! THANKS TO THOSE WHO PARTICIPATED I talked with Zack and feel like he is giving us a great deal. I have no affiliation with Prinsu designs just to clear the air. GROUP BUY DETAILS 10 orders or more - 10% off 20 orders or more - 20% off Maximum of 50...
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