SOLD RTT: Tepui Autana Sky 3 Ruggedized


Feb 23, 2015
Denver, CO
Both items are SOLD

The tent can be viewed in this folder: Prinsu rack and Tepui tent - Google Drive

Tent is 2 years old. Used less than 10 times. $2100 obo.
It is in like new condition with exception of the cover, which has light scuffs from trails.
Ruggedized Series Autana 3 - This is the exact tent.

Super durable aluminum flooring (not PVC like cheaper models). Heavier, padded frame system, 360g fabric. I am selling for a few reasons, namely that I am going with a different roof rack system and have decided to either make do with the 3 other tents I have or perhaps look into a swag system.
Otherwise, it's a great tent and I really wouldn't mind keeping it.

I have to add, the best feature of this tent is not advertised by Tepui, likely because of it's subjective nature, but since the fabric is so thick, it doesn't let any light in in the morning. That means you sleep in if you want to! SO awesome.
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