1. DJCloz

    Tundra K&N Intake System on 200??

    Hey guys! Natural progression has finally got me into a 200 series! I am happy to say I picked up a very clean low mile 2013 Landcruiser this past Saturday. I have only had the car 3 days now, but man I love it!!!!!! If you know me from any of the other forums (80 & 100, 120 series) I...
  2. jacksna1982

    Possible TX Stroker build.

    So I’m looking at going all out with I know you have all seen this thing many times over the last 15 years but does anyone know someone who has actually done it? also if I purchase it do you know which shops Could actually do the...
  3. Vavrinyuk

    STOPTECH or Brembo Rotors

    Anyone here used the STOPTECH drilled/slotted rotors OR Brembo regular rotors none slotted/drilled Like to hear your guys thoughts on these rotor options. Thanks!
  4. dirtbagrn

    Upsizing Tires

    2000 TLC. This will be my main vehicle used for work commuting as well as light off roading. I will likely drive it cross country this fall. If I go to a 285/75/16 will I have to do any recalibration of any electronics or other equipment to maintain fuel economy, performance, and so forth...
  5. W

    Lets talk 3fe Desmog.

    This is for some deeper discussion for me as I under stand how to do it. and have the desmog guide for the 3fe. 1. what I know, the 3fe is designed to run desmoged, I will get better power, smother running, and possibly better over all mileage but this is debatable and not really important. 2...
  6. 2005LX470

    Performance Increase for 2005 Lexus LX 470

    Howdy, I'm new to the forum, and am curious about performance upgrades for my 2005 Lexus LX 470. I have done some research on headers/exhaust systems here Cat Back Exhaust Dyno Testing 100 Series I wanted to hear from anyone that has done this themselves, or has any suggestions on chips...
  7. Wildnlost

    1HDT Cylinder Head Performance Modifications

    I decided to perform some minor cylinder head porting and polishing when my engine was apart for a minor overhaul. Researching the forums and looking at common practices with high performance motorcycle and car engines I decided to do some basic cylinder head modifications. If you have any...
  8. troutbum

    G-Plus Performance parts snorkel? Any good?

    I just ran across a snorkel for sale on facebook. The guy wants $100 for it and the manufacturer is called G-Plus Performance Parts. I can't find any info on them online other than they're from China. Any experience with this? I don't have money to throw down for a Safari snorkel
  9. B

    Bolt on performance muffler for 93-94

    Does anyone sell a bolt on performance muffler for the 93-94 land cruiser, I see a borla for 95-97 but nothing else but stock for the 93-94, I want it to be a little bit louder than stock, what is the Bosal muffler, is that like a stock quiet replacement?
  10. Ridgerunner78

    Fox Performance Series 2.0 IFP Rebuild?

    Has anyone here rebuilt the Fox Performance Series 2.0 IFP shocks themselves? I've searched here and Google with little results for the performance series. I did find rebuild kits but nothing on the actual rebuild, specifically if any special tools are required to discharge/recharge them with...
  11. 70Cruza

    For Sale  LandTank MAF and sensor

    Scored this with an engine/supercharger combo that I recently purchased. Wont work with my 94 OBD1 from what Ive read. Not sure if it has ever been used as it looks very clean. 325$ Shipped in the US
  12. Tom6156

    Exhaust for 2008-2016 land cruiser

    I'm looking for an aftermarket exhaust for my 2016 land cruiser. I am not having any luck. No one has built on for it yet that I know. Billy Boats (b&b) in Arizona will custom do one but they need a vehicle for 3-5 days to design one and I am too far away from there. Does anyone know of an...
  13. landcruiser80

    Builds  Yeti my 80 series 2fe build

    Ok, so I have got far enough into this project that I now feel fully committed and I figure it is time to start a build thread. I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I will. To start off here is a picture of my white 1992 fj80, Fairly stock in that picture except for the running boards and...
  14. Bogger

    Exhaust for 4.5L petrol

    Hey, What is the absolute best exhaust system for the petrol 80? In terms of; -loudest note -best performance Thanks
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