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  1. onemudder

    RTH Please-- 2003 Land Cruiser 215k -Coolant spurt from rusty inlet transmission cooler tube -- Tranny won't engage

    2003 Land Cruiser 215k on the clock. Just picked this up a few months ago and its been a project. Ok, so I foolishly let a weeping coolant tube / hose connection fester into much worse. I started the car and went back into the house to grab something. When I came back out I saw the grill...
  2. E

    Road to Recovery: Strawberry Milkshake Clean-Up Help ( 100 Series, I know right?)

    Hey All, I am going to be doing a larger post with my entire situation surrounding the unfortunate circumstances ( quick hint: Denso radiator from Amazon fulfilled by Parts Geek) that led to the thing you never ever want to see: Long story short, I have done a few things to get past this...
  3. DSB345

    Wanted  1978 FJ40 lower oil cooler hose

    I need the sleeve for the upper part of this hose like the one in the picture Thank You Dave
  4. DoubleNickels

    For Sale  SOLD Oil Cooler and Bracket, 2F/3FE Engine, Boise Idaho, $60+ Shipping

    SOLD SOLD SOLD The title says it all! Located in Boise. Includes bolts, of course. Reply or PM if interested. Parts are fairly flat and would probably go in a USPS $14 box. Regards Calvin
  5. lilevo

    Wanted  FZJ80 power steering cooler 44420-60220

    Need a good power steering cooler tube assembly 93-97. Shipped to 52402. Thanks
  6. D

    oil cooler oil pressure oil temperature - 1FZ-FE

    The questions are: 1. Is the oil cooler on a 1FZ-FE full flow or partial flow? 2. Is there experience with these coolers getting partially plugged? 3. Can the front exhaust heat shield cause the oil cooler to run warmer? The back ground is after much experimentation with oil and oil...
  7. Racer65

    Wanted  Oil Cooler Hose

    Looking for this hose that runs from the water pump to the oil cooler on '76 to '80 FJ40 with oil cooler. It's part 15777 in the diagram.
  8. Randy88FJ62

    Verify Oil Cooler Hose P/N please?

    There is a horizontal hose that attaches to the Oil Cooler. I want to replace it and was hoping someone could verify I found the correct one. It's a straight hose, no fancy turns. OEM Hose for 1988 Toyota Land Cruiser|90445-18085 : Toyota Parts Online | Olathe Toyota Parts Center I realize the...
  9. Randy88FJ62

    A440F Trans Oil Cooler Inlet Hose Length?

    I forgot to grab the hose and I'm headed to a hose maker after work. Anyone have one handy? What length is the longer hose? It's the hose that leaves the transmission hardline and goes into the oil cooler in the bottom of the radiator.
  10. A

    Part Number for Water By Pass Hose on oil cooler line?

    Anyone know the part number for the uppermost water bypass hose connected to the pipe that goes to the oil cooler? I ordered 15777-50030 thinking it was that one, but it is not. All the diagrams I find on line don't show this hose.
  11. J

    ATF fluid change. Does my LC have a oil cooler or not.

    I just hit about 80,000miles on my 2010 cruiser and want to do a ATF change. Im looking up parts at grapevine toyota and other places I usually order from and they have two options for the pan. One with and one without a LC oil cooler. Its a non us version LC. Here is my VIN JTMHT06JXA6062361...
  12. 350HJ75

    Can someone ID this 3B oil cooler / oil filter housing?

    I purchased this oil cooler and downward facing oil filter housing combo anticipating a turbo on my 3B from a wrecker off the shelf hence an unknown 3B or B series engine variant. Can anyone tell me what it is from?? and why it seems to be missing the oil lines to the vacuum pump on the back of...
  13. P

    My 11 LX570 doesn't have an auxiliary transmission oil cooler

    I thought this was a standard item as on the LX470 but I guess not. Can ne1 confirm or am I looking in the wrong place? Should be in front of the AC condenser correct?
  14. D

    2F oil cooler

    I'd like to add an oil cooler to a 2F. The factory setups seem to be uncommon and on the expensive side (compared to a cooler I already have) since the oil tap at the filter is pressurized. Am I looking in the wrong place (ebay)? Is there an easy way to tap into the unpressurized side of the...
  15. R

    Oil cooler for late model 1FZ-FE

    Hello guys Im building a stroker 105mm 1FZ-FE with lots of goods and Im gonna punch the hell out of it so im wondering if I need to have an oil cooler kit similar to this one?: Hayden Fluid Coolers 1040 what is your thought guys? should I just buy a kit? or just make my own one like buying a...
  16. sunlune

    Oil in coolant after head and oil cooler work

    Hello all, I have a 95 with 150k - runs well - good compression and yet I have that lovely chocolate milk frapuccino crud in my radiator and overflow. I took apart and checked the oil cooler - redid seal and pressure tested. All good. Still oil in coolant. Then got the head gasket and all that...
  17. jralph125

    Oil Cooling System Question

    Hello All, I purchased my 79 FJ40 a few weeks ago, my truck has the oil cooling system on the side of the block. After further inspection I realized that the "cooling portion" of that system is bypassed, in other words the coolant from the engine is not circulating through the oil cooler. I live...
  18. Aaroneous

    '77 BJ40 B diesel suffered coolant freeze

    I'm new to the Toyota world (and the diesel world), but have been a long time shade-tree mechanic so I like to think I'm pretty competent. I took on a project for my cousins to get their '77 BJ40 kicking again in two stages... first, diagnose and repair the existing B motor and second, install a...
  19. Aaroneous

    For Sale  3B Oil Cooler Case (Part # 15791)

    Found a substantial crack in my 3B oil cooler case. '77 BJ40. Here's the part I need. Labeled "Oil Cooler case" Oil cooler breakdown by Aaroneous posted Oct 29, 2016 at 10:21 PM My cracked one... Cracked oil cooler case by Aaroneous posted Oct 29, 2016 at 10:21 PM Thanks in advance!
  20. DoubleNickels

    Oil Cooler O-Rings

    While changing my oil this go-around, I decided to address a small leak between the oil cooler and the engine block. I proactively ordered the correct new O-rings (QTY 2) from $OR to be ready for the job. Pulling the oil cooler off, I didn't find any o-rings, gaskets, nada; which kind of...
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