1. Putins4x4

    Central Ohio Land Cruiser meetup

    Let’s use this thread to discuss and coordinate a central Ohio meetup. It seems like there’s a lot of interest to get together at some point after the holidays. What do you guys think? Any ideas?
  2. I

    Wanted  Wanted: FJ40 near Indianapolis, Indiana

    Looking for an FJ40 with in a reasonable drive to Indianapolis, Indiana. 30K$ or less Looking for one to cruise around in and eventually to get into some light off-road.
  3. jaredbrown

    For Sale  1976 fj40 350cdi swap

    selling my 1976 fj40 asking 15kOBO everything is in good working order. motivated to sell please call or text and come take a look at it. it has a few dents and scratches it was built for the trails and used on the trails. if you don't have the money please don't waste my time. NO TRADES!!! DO...
  4. J

    Wanted  In Ohio looking to by 40

    I've been looking for a few years and have missed out on more 40's than I can count. So I figured I need to join and throw it out to everyone. I'm looking for a 40 that is in decent running order and not completely rusted out. My budget is $10k, I live in Ohio but will gladly make a road trip...
  5. K

    For Sale  1987 fj60 Central Ohio $4000

    I've decided to sell my 1987 fj60 Land Cruiser. 4wd works good and the engine runs strong but is burning oil and I'm not interested in fixing it. I've installed a lot of new parts including: New radiator and hoses, new battery, new wheels and tires have about 10,000 miles, new muffler and tail...
  6. Marleyws

    MUDShip  Felicity ohio to akron/canton or columbus

    Lookingfor possible transport of a front axle from felicity ohio to akron/canton or columbus. Its a 2 or 4 hour trip depending on final destination. If I cant get any takers I will grab it myself in a few weeks. Also open to suggestions
  7. Dubbinchris

    Ohio cruiser travelling through NC March 20-25.......

    Hey guys (and some gals)..... My name is Chris and I'm planning a trip from Ohio to NC in my 80 series the week of March 20th. I'm looking to meet up with some other cruiser heads on my trip and it was suggested I post here. Due to a recent divorce I'm doing this trip completely solo, which...

    For Sale  1972 FJ40 Ohio/U.S.A.

    Hello, Putting up for sale my 1972 FJ40 located near Cleveland, Ohio. Purchased about 4 or 5 years ago from PA. The 40 spent a significant part of its life in AZ before going to PA, told that it was always garaged in PA. I bought as a daily driver, but it was too nice for me to drive through...
  9. FJ40Jim

    craigslist  85 FJ60 in OH, unmolested, 1-owner

    Posting this to 'Mud as a courtesy for a friend. This '85 FJ60 is for sale in Lancaster Ohio near me. Fred bought it new in Portland OR, has had it worked on by Toyota dealer or me or me when I worked at dealer almost exclusively. Totally stock vehicle. Fred is a nice guy, older gentleman who...
  10. Y

    Anyone have a paint setup in NE Ohio?

    Hey there, I'm working on some wheel well repairs on my Tacoma (the dreaded body rust area on trucks) and was wondering if anyone on here around northeast Ohio already has a hobby paint setup. I've got a decent sized piece of stainless steel to weld around the bottom of the wheel well. I don't...
  11. GnarlyKoala

    Wanted  WTB Tires for 18" wheels! Please!

    Hi Mud, Looking for tires for 18" wheels. Newish 33s or 34s are preferred. Would also consider trading my 18"s for smaller wheels with tires... Near Cleveland, Ohio. Thanks!
  12. mtgski

    MUDShip  Hauling trip Ohio, Mich. Indiana, to Nebraska or beyond

    No longer available
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