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  1. Keith Raffel

    For Sale Off Road / Expedition / Adventure Trailer, Costa Mesa, CA

    ADVENTURE / OFF-ROAD / EXPEDITON TRAILER “The “Condo” a nickname given by fellow off roaders at Pismo Beach, California The Condo is at home in a campground, the mountains, beach or desert. Just imagine, after a great day of off roading and exploring, come back to camp, have a hot shower...
  2. Goliath125

    For Sale 1991 FJ80

    I've had my cruiser for about 3 years now, but sadly it's time to sell. It was fun but I'm looking at another project. It's a very solid car, only 150xxx miles on it and it wasn't driven on the harsh winter roads of upstate New York. I've done some work on it over the years but it still needs a...
  3. ProBoy

    Seattle region intermediate off-roading location

    Hello fellows, I have a 2018 LC200 and I am looking for places to test my rig. Any recommendation of 4x4 locations near Seattle that doesn't have clearance requirements? Thanks
  4. T

    My new 1990 HDJ81

    I bought a 1969 FJ55 several years ago and have been sloooooooowly restoring it. In the meantime I had been using our family sequoia (much to my wife's chagrin) for off reading. We have 300 acres of rick, trees and mountain that I like to spend my weekends on and it till it's toll on the old...
  5. camtman

    Wanted [TX] FZJ80 Exterior and Interior parts

    Hello all, Just got a used land cruiser and it's missing a few things. If anyone has any of these parts, let me know what prices you'd like to sell them for and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Some of the parts listed are not a "need" but would like to see what kind of prices I can get...
  6. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale FJ80 Doors for cutting into half doors.

    SoCal. No Shipping. These are in good condition but minus regulators, windows, door panels, etc. to lighten them up for use. They will use the stock hinges and can be quick mounted. You will get them as whole doors and cut wherever you like. $75 per door front or rear. Complete doors or doors...
  7. T

    For Sale 2005 Access Cab 4x4 6 Speed - SoCal

    Truck started out in AZ. I bought it from a firefighter in Phoneix who was driving back and forth from Flagstaff all the time. He put ~80k miles on it in 3 years, and I have added another 83k in the past 9 years. Mostly road trips to and from AZ/ CA and all around the southwest. It has been...
  8. L

    For Sale 1996 LX 450 41,873 Miles $17,500 Mona UT

    Up for sale is one of the most unique lx 450 around. This car has been owned by my Grandparents since they bought it brand new in 1996. I have the original title that was assigned 07/1996. It was bought brand new from the Lexus Dealer is Scottsdale Arizona. It has spent the last 10 years in a...
  9. RFB

    Cross county coast to Coast adventure

    Sept 6th Im rolling out from the edge of altlantic and Im heading towrds the pacific. its the reason Ive done major baselining to the rig, fresh batteries hoses wire PS hoses throttle cable tires, air cleaner lights rear drawers 1000 watt inverotr bussman fuseblock aux fan blue fan upgrade TREs...
  10. T

    Off-road bumpers for 100 series cruiserssome

    i was hoping some of you could post links or pictures on how to fabricate or customize off-road bumpers for our 100 series land cruisers/LX470's
  11. corleykj

    Off road tear drop for a high school project?

    I am a vocational teacher at a high school in Wyoming, and we are looking into making an off road tear drop trailer as a school project. I have seen professional ones sell for $15,000. And I have seen homemade ones sell for $2,500 on craigslist. My tentative plan was to try building one for...
  12. pbreisch

    How much steering play is normal off road

    On road the steering wheel on the LC is tight and tracks straight. Off road I notice that the wheel knocks and rotates a bit. Even as I am typing this up it seems like the answer is "no duh" but it just feels kind of weird. Figured I would ask here. How much "play" is too much?
  13. TrlBlzn4Life

    Place To Off Road - SE Pennsylvania

    Any one interested in meeting a family farm and doing some off roading. It's always better having two or more trucks there.
  14. VETTE60

    For Sale Ca. Bantam off road trailer

    up for sale is my bantam military trailer. had it for several years and just don't bring that much stuff with me anymore. was previously sandblasted and painted black, though it could use a freshening up. tailgate is not stock, but made of diamond plate with toggle latches. wheel bearings could...
  15. TeddyBoy

    New Off Road park near South Pittsburgh

    Check it out, this is great news. Looks like opening day is April 28 Busted Knuckle Off Road Park - Events | Facebook 17376 Alabama Hwy 117, Stevenson, Alabama 35772
  16. G


    3000 miles on these tires. These are the wheels and tires that come with this option (Goodyear). No scratches or blemishes. Houston TX
  17. tls3601

    Vintage Off Road Meetup; Four till four coffee..........Old Town Scottsdale

    Hey this Saturday am the 25th Four till four coffee is having a meetup for vintage off road vehicles. I am thinking of driving a '76 FJ40 down from Prescott area. Anyone else planning on bringing out their Landcruisers?
  18. joez

    For Sale Front Range Off Road Fj-80 steering links

    As the title says, I have a set of used FROR heavy duty steering links for an 80 series. I converted to a Y-link setup last year and these are sitting in the corner of my shop. Some light rust, but the links are strait. If somebody really wants the TRE's that are on them they can have...
  19. glovesmud

    For Sale Off Road Modified 2002 Mercedes Benz G500

    2002 Mercedes Benz G500 Expedition Modified in 2013 for Off Road. Currently located in Scottsdale AZ, USA. Very low miles at 69k. Asking $55,000 Modifications include: OEM Tow pin front bumper Winch carrier and rear winch adapter Viking Winch wired for front/rear use VTS off road rear...
  20. lrowe_csp

    For Sale Edelbrock Thunder Series Off road carb, Nor VA

    I just switched my chevy 383 powered FJ40 to fuel injection and I have an Edelbrock 1826 4 barrel 650 cfm/ 4 barrel off-road carb, along with the original box, additional jet kit, and instruction manual, for sale. This is the Endura Shine finish- absolutely no corrosion and very clean, looks...
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