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  1. S

    Noob Needing Guidance to Purchase First Cruiser

    I'm a freshman in college, looking to purchase a new vehicle. For a while I've known that if I'm going to spend the money on a vehicle, it's going to have to be a cruiser, otherwise I'll kick at myself forever. I am specifically interested in getting an FJ62 or HJ61. Now I know that owning one...
  2. D

    Toyota Dyna ?build questions.

    Hi. I am new here and new to this project. I am planning on at least a year traveling in a truck through central and South America. ( if I am still loving it I will keep going) I am very strongly considering a 1993 Toyota Dyna four door 4x4 diesel( 14b) with manual transmission and DRW...
  3. N

    What questions should I be asking when buying?

    Hey everyone, This is my second post here on the forum, and I'm still currently looking for an 80 series within driving distance of where I live. I've started to look through the classifieds here, and I've continued scouring through craigslist, cars, and auto-trader listings, but even when I...
  4. G

    Wildcat Ridge Loop Camping

    Hey there, Generally new to the idea of "overlanding" (camping out of your car) and I was wondering if I could get some help. I have done a brief search for what im looking for already but could not find what I was looking for, so please forgive me if Im posting something thats already on...
  5. bottombracket

    Local resources needed- diesel and window/tint, for starters

    Dear all, I just acquired an HJ61 and need some immediate help/advice. I am a total diesel mechanic noob. Anyone know a shop here in Austin that can rebuild Denso injectors, and maybe even the injection pump? I am getting black smoke on heavy throttle pedal/acceleration, and have a decent...
  6. Lumpskie

    Embarrasingly NOOB questions

    Hello all, I am a new Landcruiser owner, but have owned a modified Tacoma for 9 years now. I just purchased a '96 cruiser that has a 1HD-t swap, bald tires and the OME stock height suspension under it. Because of the diesel engine, I'm considering attempting to put 35" tires on it to keep...
  7. B

    Considering a page 1 rewrite on my elctronics

    Hey All! I did a quick search and didn't see any thread addressing this but if I'm missing anything mods feel free to delete this. About two months ago I bought an 85 FJ60 wagon and have been loving it. Once I rebuild the front axle everything mechanically is sound in the truck save for needing...
  8. Scrootinizer

    New member possible FZJ80 purchase - PS pump questions

    Hey everyone, New member and my first post, I've been researching and looking for a FZJ80 for a several months now and there just happens to be a 40th anniversary edition at a local oil change and inspection shop (literally 1/4 mile from my house). The truck is what I'm looking for as a DD -...
  9. C

    12v or 24

    Hi everyone, Noob question here but is there a way I could tell from a picture or vin if my hilux surf is 12v or 24v? its got 2 batteries but I don't know what it is yet, I'm going to pick it up on the 24th and haven't seen it but want to know which voltage it is before getting there if...
  10. AncientCityFJ60

    Help! Power steering pulley

    So, today I decided to replace my power steering pump on my FJ60 (thanks again beno for the new pump!) however I can't get the pulley loose. What am I doing wrong??? Old pump is still installed. Tried with the belt on and off, pulley just spins. Any gurus out there have some sage advice for me?
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