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  1. Jstawgn

    LONG-ER rear suspension travel with KDSS? (Solved/under testing)

    Anybody got longer rear suspension travel with KDSS? Which shock and what do you have to do to make it fit? Ever since I raise my suspension from 2" to 3" lift the stability control got activate a bit to early for my liking. It seems this is caused by rear shock that are too short and top out...
  2. E

    For Sale 2017 Toyota Tacoma 3rd trd off-road 4x4

    2017 TRD off-road 4x4 Clean title 67,500 miles Asking $46,000 obo Working on adding more pics... view facebook link for further pictures in mean time. Well maintained 3rd gen Tacoma for sale. Truck is turn key and ready to go. Currently sits at 67,500 miles and will not go up much as it...
  3. 1UZJ80N60

    Long travel LX570

    Well I got the tundra LT arms on with factory shocks. AHC completely in tact. I've moved the ride hight up 4 in by adding hiem joints in place of factory AHC connection links.... this allows you to lift above limitations. The lower shock mounts were moved up 1 in with the design of the...
  4. Landbender

    Builds SupraCruza

    Goal started out as building a supra kart mk3 but it was a turd on wheels, but it had a motor and trans that were in decent condition. After selling the Supra and it’s trans it was decided that the 2j should go in a land cruiser 80 after much thought about putting it in a 4runner first gen. The...
  5. T

    Long Travel Rear Coil springs ? (Longer than stock Length)

    Recently I decided I would remove the spacer on the rear 3.0 KING bypass shocks, that extended the shock shaft about an inch. Which means one inch of extra down travel and increased internal piston movement so added travel. This in combination with the total chaos extended rear links (upper &...
  6. sigorama

    For Sale 100 Series "Slinky" Long Travel 2" Complete Lift Kit, Brand New

    I purchased this lift kit to add to my 2003, 100 series Land Cruiser, but ended up selling the vehicle before I could put it on. It's everything you need to do a killer "slinky" lift kit on your 100 series Land Cruiser. Retails for $3200. Will sell for $2500. PM me if you're interested. Full...
  7. A

    Rear long travel suspension, overkill?

    My AHC is out on my GX470 so it is time to upgrade the suspension. My preferred plan, based off of nothing more than seeing the pictures of the long travel flex on mud and facebook, is to put in a icon or radflo rear long travel with front extended travel from metaltech or SSO. But is it...
  8. 06Yoda

    Builds Tanner's 96' FZJ80 Build

    I bought my first Landcruiser in April 2016 after years of deliberation and conflict about selling my beloved 2006 Toyota Tacoma. I absolutely loved that truck but something always kept bugging me internally about getting rid of it and was never fully satisfied. I finally convinced myself to...
  9. 964runner

    For Sale Total Chaos 00-06 Toyota Tundra LONG TRAVEL AXLES 4WD 4340 Part # 97300

    Hello, I bought these axles used thinking that they were for the 3rd Gen Toyota 4Runner Long Travel Kit from Total Chaos. After sending photos to TC, it turned out that they are for their Tundra 00-06 LT kit. New, they are $630 from Total Chaos. Asking $200. Buyer covers shipping. Thank you
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