1. fjtovar

    can you guys help me identify this fj4#/bj4# 4-pin winshield wiper switch?

    I have been working on an old parts inventory and came across this switch. It was without its box and without any id. i suspect it is for the older 40 models. I tried a google search but all i found had 6 pins. can you guys help me figure out the part number?
  2. mattcheston

    Help me identify this carb part! '87 FJ60

    Does anyone remember where this little plastic/rubber collar goes? I vaguely recall taking it off but can't remember where. Can't seem to find it on the exploded diagram, but it came in all my rebuild kits too. (not the accelerator pump boot, the thing to the left of it....just had the boot...
  3. ewillis

    Can Someone Positively Identify This Coolant Leak?

    I'm in the middle of overhauling my coolant system in anticipation of the hot summer ahead. While fixing the PHH (now affectionately known as MFPHH by me) I noticed a bit of coolant buildup above/on top of the PHH. It looks like a head bolt the coolant is sitting on. My initial thought was that...
  4. Loober

    Help Identify Rear Bumper HZJ77

    Hello, Hoping someone here can help identify the make of my aftermarket bumper installed by PO. It is made to have two swing outs, it came with only one for the tire, and a spindle for the other. Wanting to make or buy the swing for the other side, but need to identify the type of spindle or...

    POP QUIZ: Help me identify the missing bolts!

    So I was cleaning (simple green) the underside of my transmission and transfer case (83 FJ60), trying to remove the road debris caked up in leaking fluid. I noticed that several (3 I believe) bolts were missing from a 'cover' that is just ahead of the T/TC. Wondering if anyone can tell me, A...
  6. T

    Can anyone identify these seats?

    Found this FJ62 on eBay and love the seats. Do they look familiar to anyone? 1988 Toyota Land Cruiser | eBay
  7. Beej

    Can anyone identify the front bumper in this video?

    Hey folks, I like the front bumper on the 80 in this video. Any ideas on who makes it? Thanks in advance for any replies. -- Beej
  8. OverlandLexusTN

    Help identify this GX Part..

    I'm interested in the green hose that comes in behind the jack (this is in the rear pocket that holds the jack on the driver side). It seems to run forward from there. Thanks
  9. Rookie2

    How to identify 2006 and 2007 LX470

    Are there any visible exterior identifiers that distinguish a 2006 and 2007 from other year LX 470?
  10. C

    Help me identify this disc brake conversion

    This is a 1976 General Market (non-U.S.) FJ43. It would have come with drum brakes all around. Someone somewhere along the way converted it to disc brakes up front. Can anyone help me identify which disc brake conversion this is based on these pictures? Looks like Toyota parts to me. I'd like...
  11. J

    Please help identify this FJ40 model year

    Hi guys i want t buy my first FJ and had a look around and found this which is in great condition. The owner told me that the year is 1978. However if you look at the windshield, the wipers are from the top. So i am not sure if this is an older model. So please help me identify the year of this...
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