1. J

    Rear corner curved glass - 1975 FJ40: How do you tell the difference?

    Hey, everyone. I have a single curved glass corner for an FJ40. I know that it is from 1972 onwards, because it has the larger dimensions (about 15" high, for example). I'll be putting it on a mid-1970's era FJ40 top when I source it. My question is: How do you tell the difference between a...
  2. 8

    80 series window replacement

    Ok everyone, Been on here to get tons of info for things I need, fixes, general info, etc... The problem I have now is the driver side front window on my 80 was broken, thank goodness for the ancient tint on the window or it would have fallen apart. Needless to say this thing is taped up and...
  3. poptart

    Rear Hatch Glass

    I know my FJ62 had tint at some point in its life, but has since been removed. The issue is whatever PO that removed the tint used a razor blade to scrape it off and absolutely messed up the defogger lines. So only about three of the lines currently work. I’ve been wanting to get my FJ62 tinted...
  4. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale SoCal - 80 series Doors, Glass, Tail Gates, Tail Hatches, cowls, etc.

    Sorry, no hoods, windshields, fenders or valance(below grill panel). All parts are rust free, LOCAL PICKUP ONLY FOR SHEET METAL PARTS. Shipping available on glass and cowls. FJ80 Collector SILVER Star
  5. kickingtires

    SOLD Fj40 passenger door vent window

    Looking for a passenger door vent window with a frame thats not rotted to hell, preferably with the hardware. Its for an 1972 fj40 so wing style not the early bugcatcher, thanks.
  6. Dustin Messina

    Wanted Fj40/45 Drivers side Front Door Wing Glass

    I am looking for a good clear drivers side front door wing glass. Truck is a 65 fj45.
  7. James Bentley

    Rear VENT glass rattle - FIXED!

    Rear VENT glass rattles when open Many thanks to @seanz0rz , @Tahomatom and others who contributed write-up’s and how-to’s I could not have done this so easily without your help (another great reason to contribute AND join/support this forum)! Here is a quick video of Drivers and Passenger...
  8. DollytheFJ60

    Windshield replacement in SoCal

    Just a quick note here. Had the windshield replaced on my 84 FJ60 this past weekend ( Feb 9 2019). Went to Alfredo's Auto Glass in Corona. Got the recommendation from the fj100 boards. Great experience here. Took out the older aftermarket glass I had and found a coupe minor issues. Three rust...
  9. CruiseLanderAZ

    Windshield replacement recommendation - Phoenix AZ

    Wondering if anyone has a recommendation on who to use for windshield replacement on a 2000 LC. Saw @scwill is looking in Texas and wondering about AZ. I'm in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area and willing to travel within the valley to have it done right.
  10. AlbertoSD

    For Sale 70-series Misc Parts

    1.- 70-series Steering Wheel (Used / Brown): Asking $50 plus shipping - SOLD 2.- 70-series Diesel Tachometer (Used, for engines with Tach sensor on bell housing) - SOLD 3.- 70-series Spare Tire Carrier (Used, sandblasted but never painted) - SOLD 4.- 70-series Glass (Used): Asking...
  11. bryancald

    FREE FJ60 Rear side glass (one side)

    Temecula, Ca area. local pickup only.
  12. Fuentesfranko

    Am I paying too much for a windshield?

    I have a crack on my windshield and I want to replace it. I wen tto a auto glass business (Glass Doctor) in Gibsons and they quoted me $400 to remove the windshield, cut a brand new one based on that shape and install it. ($200 labour (4 hours aprox.) and $180 for the glass + tax) Does $400 seem...
  13. F

    For Sale Various 1987 Toyota 4runner Parts

    Front Chrome Bumper Good Condition Not all banged up ($50) Front marker lights ($15 Pair) Electric Side View Mirrors ($50 pair) *as indicated in the picture, I only have one cover piece. Tail gate lock and window switch ($25) Dash board gauge housing ($30) Front Bumper Body Skirt ($20)...
  14. HardyDanger

    Bay Area Windsheild replacement

    Hey Folks. Adding a resource for anyone in need. Glass Tek - Windshield and Auto Glass Repair and Replacement located in Alameda. They have 155, 5 star ratings on yelp and really deserve it. This shop seriously kicked ass, way beyond what safelite monkeys could ever dream of being able to offer...
  15. overton

    Is my FJ40 Glass / Plexiglass Original?

    I have searched the web and come up empty. I'm familiar with late 70's early 80's OEM Toyota FJ40 glass. It says TOYOTA right on the glass. However, I have little experience with earlier trucks like late 50's up to early 70's. FJ25's, Factory Soft Tops, etc. I would like to know if the...
  16. K

    does LJ70 glass weatherstripping exist in the US?

    Hi, does LJ70 glass weatherstripping exist in the US? If so, where? Thanks!
  17. V

    For Sale 100 Series LC 1999 Upper Rear Hatch with good Glass and Electricals

    Hi Folks, About 3 years ago, I replaced the Upper Rear Hatch in my LC 1999, due to rust on the lower edges of it. But the glass, defrosting element, wiper mechanism, spoiler etc of the removed hatch are in fine working condition. So, this hatch will be good for someone in need of those parts...
  18. dfrfsucks

    FREE sunroof glass in Denver

    I just bought a new set of sunroof tracks and it came with the glass so I will have the glass available soon so if the hail got your glass here's a free replacement
  19. mocha0923

    Wanted FJ45 LWB Rear Corner Glass

    Looking for a rear corner glass for 1978 FJ45. Ship to 77521.
  20. Mighty690

    Advice needed: Replacing glass

    I am replacing the rear window (the back, upper hatch) in my 80. The broken glass is removed. Beno has supplied me with a new OEM weatherstrip that has been relaxing in the sun for a couple days. Question: what do I use to clean/remove the old glass sealer on the body and what good shall I...
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