fj80 80 series

  1. whereyouare

    For Sale  Advice Needed - Look to buy 1993 FJ80

    Craigslist link Looking to get my first ever LC and thought I'd throw it out to some of you seasoned vets for some advice. I'm a noob. The guy said he is thinning the herd and has a few of these trucks. He mentioned there is no rust and some oxidation on the hood (hard to tell with the...
  2. Triple E

    LX450 (FJ80 series) dashboard cluster, power windows, sunroof not functioning

    Hello everyone, So I was working on installing a stereo to my 1997 LX450 but I was not able to complete the task. I reinstalled the OEM stereo back and had it working but then I realized that it started to rain and wanted to raise the windows. The windows weren’t working, none of my windows...
  3. B

    SOLD  New egr valve and modulator 80 series

    I've got a new egr valve part number 25620-66010 that has been installed and then removed before blocking and removing the egr. New without package 100$ shipped Also have a new without package (also installed and removed) modulator part number 25870-66011 25$ shipped.
  4. revbeard

    1994 check engine light.

    I just moved to New Hampshire, and it has become Winter. I noticed the check engine light come on and a distinct smell of burning tires, or brakes or something burning. Also the idle has becoming very erratic. I understand there is no simple diagnostic port on a 94. What should I do to begin...
  5. Deathvalleypaul


    SoCal Very good condition. Complete, with horn center as pictured.
  6. Brendan OBrien

    For Sale  1995 FJ80 Lifted Old Man Emu

    1995 Land Cruiser I love this truck, but have to sell due to change at work requires more traveling. ARB Front Bumper Winch (Warn Tabor 9K) Hand Throttle Cable Assembly BFG All Terrains 285's Off Road Lights Slee Off Road Rear Swing Out Bumper and Tire Carrier Front Axles Rebuilt at 167,958...
  7. NexusD

    For Sale  1992 FJ80 blue manual seats

    I'm selling my 1992 FJ80 blue manual seats, their in good shape for their age. Of course they need to be reupholstered but otherwise in good working order. The mechanics (ie slides, tilt back etc..) are in good shape. Selling as a pair $500. Local pick up or delivery within the Los Angeles area.
  8. Rvrswft

    Headers and back exhaust 1991 fj80 3FE

    91 fj80 3FE 269K and going Having trouble finding manifolds or headers that bolt on (after market). Not sure if they even exist. Found some headers with down pipe from cxracing, but not for 3FE... at this point I’d even entertain a used setup. Found front and rear manifold on eBay and...
  9. RhinoRig

    HDJ81 gas gauge half working

    I am at my wits end. I have replaced the sending unit twice, one used and the latest is brand new. I have pulled the instrument cluster and measured the gauge per the FSM. It all checks out, but the gauge will only go to half full. Once the tank is about half full, the gauge starts working...
  10. S

    Fj80 Knuckle rebuild kits

    Hey guys Im looking for the most dependable parts at the best deal for knuckle rebuild kits for a Fj80. Thank you!
  11. LC100MI

    For Sale  FJ80 Front Mud Flaps

    I have a set of front mud flaps for an 80 series. Must be earlier than a '95, because they don't fit on my '95. $70. I am located in Grand Rapids, MI. I am willing to ship if you pay shipping. -Jon
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