1. scoobiedubes

    FJ45LV Rear Bumper - Gauging Interest for orders

    I had to get a rear bumper made locally for my 66 LV, and just wanted to see if anybody else is interested in one while we're at it. Photos attached. Pricing he said $750 for the bumper and the mounts, unpainted. I can check on cost to powder coat if anybody wanted that too. I have a feeling...
  2. Ward

    For Sale Boulder Colo 1966 FJ45LV and 1976 FJ55 wagons

    1966 FJ45LV- nice unrestored original truck with disc brake axle upgrade and 5 restored 16" split rims. Mostly complete truck minus the backseat. comes with very nice and complete 2nd LV tailgate, 2 repop NOS tail light lenses, NOS headliner. Some rust in backseat floorpan corners and drivers...

    Wanted FOUND- FJ45 LV Passenger Front Door Striker Plate and Latch

    Seeking the FJ45 LV Passenger Front Door Striker Plate and Latch. Please let me know if you have one for sale. DM or call 405-509-0381
  4. Fuentesfranko

    FJ45LV Help!

    I've been tirelessly and unsuccessfully looking for a Tire holder spindle assembly for my 1966 FJ45LV I've almost given up on finding an original one, so here's my question: Would anyone be willing to lend me their tire holder assembly for a few days so I can have someone replicate it? I could...
  5. scoobiedubes

    Looking for GIFU LV mud flaps

    Unfortunately SOR no longer offers the reproduction GIFU LV mud flaps, and said the manufacturer they were getting them from isn't making them anymore either. This is a long shot but did anybody happen to buy an extra set that they're willing to sell? Or have any ideas for reproducing them...
  6. scoobiedubes

    Looking for FJ45LV rear seat brackets for templating

    Alright I'm hoping to find some kind soul that would be willing to loan me their rear seat brackets to get some made. My "new to me" LV is missing those brackets, and I'm hoping to get some made. Ideally both pieces of the puzzle, the part that mounts to the wall as well as the bracket on the...
  7. scoobiedubes

    New 66 FJ45LV Owner

    Hello all, as some of you already know I bought Peterman's 66 LV last week and it's on its way back to Arizona right now. Hopefully I'll have it by this weekend! I've had 3 FJ40's and 2 FJ43's and honestly never thought I'd have a chance to own an LV but absolutely thrilled to find this one -...
  8. Fuentesfranko

    FJ45LV Suspension

    Hey guys! I am ready to get new suspension for my 1967 LV and I am wondering if the "ARB - OME - FJ45 Lift Kit - 2" Light Load w/ Shackle and Pins" that they sell at CruiserCorps would be a good fit and if I should go with "Light Load" or "Heavy Load" for an LV that will be used mostly for...
  9. Fuentesfranko

    Rim color on 67'

    I've been looking around a trying to get an answer on what color the rims on a 1967 FJ45lv should be. From what I've read it's either gray, black or the color of the vehicle, but I'm not sure which applies to my 67' LV If black or gray, could someone share a color code? Thank you!
  10. Fuentesfranko

    Fj45LV Weatherstripping?

    What are people doing nowadays for weatherstrips/seals on the LVs? I'm about to restore a 67' FJ45LV and I can't seem to figure out weatherstripping. I've only been able to source the little triangle front window seals and taillight seals from I need: Windshield Side windows...
  11. Fuentesfranko

    Wanted FJ45LV 67' spare tire carrier "wing nut" and retaining plate

    Anyone has a spare one of these spare cearrier wing nut and plate/bracket that would be willing to part with it? Thank you very much!
  12. Fuentesfranko

    Wanted Fj45LV Rear bumper

    I know it's a long shot, but doesn't hurt to ask. I'm restoring a 1967 FJ45 LV and I am looking for the rear bumper and brackets. Please let me know if you have any of these items and what you'd like for them. Thank you!
  13. EgyptOffroad

    The parts you find... 45LV / Early 40

    Nice to know there still some NOS parts hiding around the world... Mostly all sold, except a couple of light switches... For Sale - Light & Wiper Switch
  14. EgyptOffroad

    For Sale FJ45LV / 45V Rear Door Handles NOS (Sold Out)

    Are these rear door handles for a 45LV ? Anyway, they are for sale. They weigh about 3-4 Kg. Shipping costs would vary depending on location. They are new with some wax residue on some parts of the handles. Also for sale are these NOS FA100 Door handles, could someone wish to customize their...
  15. crustycruise

    Wanted 45LV Rear Hatch

    Discovered yesterday that the top half of the hatch on my '67 LV is rotted. Prefer complete hatch frame but if you have a good top half please let me know. Can pay by PayPal, USPS money order, bank check as you prefer. Thanks.
  16. The FJ Company

    The FJ Company - 1964 FJ45LV Signature Series

    Hey Fellas, I've got a duesy for ya this time. We are building a very cool truck this year as a part of our Signature line-up. This time we are grafting our efforts that went into our SEMA 2017 build into an even more vintage platform. A 1964 FJ45 LV. That's coming out....might save...
  17. merbesfield

    LS into my FJ45 LV thread

    Dont get too excited, I'm on a fact finding and recommendation mission. I am a looong way from being ready to move forward with the actual install, but I figured I should start to formulate a game plan. There is not a lot of info on installing V8's into LV's. Jonathan Ward, of course being the...
  18. BabyD

    For Sale 1964 FJ45LV...Wyoming

    I am going to part with 3 of my LV's. These are hard to value being there is so few of them out there. I would like to know what everyone thinks this truck is worth. It came from Ft. Collins, CO so the rust isn't as bad as most. We got it started a couple of years ago but haven't done...
  19. Twisty

    "Undertow" - Twisty's FJ45V Landcruiser Restomod

    So some may have followed my HJ45 build over the last few years. Link here Twistys Aussie HJ45 Buildup/Resto I was stoked with how the build turned out, but over that time we have had two kids, so it just isn't practical for us. I had always dreamt of owning a FJ45V, so we decided to try and...
  20. D

    For Sale 1964 FJ45V Rare Land Cruiser

    Hi all, I am selling my 1964 FJ45V (Right Hand Drive). The car has: Original Motor - F135 3 speed Mostly original dash Modified Seats Extended Roof The car has rust in a few areas, but is good for its age. This car would suit restoration. I may be able to source an original roof and rear...
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