fire truck

  1. C

    For Sale FJ 56 Fire Truck in Australia - Japan import

    Saw this today, imagine it is pretty rare. A shame it is in Australia. J-FJ56F-Q Fire Truck imported from Japan I see SOR have one similar but does anyone know of any other 40/50...
  2. 65swb45

    For Sale Landcruiser fire truck rear PTO, SoCal

    From a powertrain I imported and sold off a long time ago. This unit fits the 74-80 single piece case with 16spline transmission tailshaft. $350 shipped. No PMs please.
  3. torfab

    eBay JDM FIRETRUCK!!! Listed on ebay, 1988 FJ62 in Freeborn Red 7k Miles

    This FJ62 firetruck was imported by one of our customers, and we are selling it for him. We just wrapped up an extensive build on his 70 series, so FIFO rules and marriage vows state one has to go to keep the :princess: happy. Link to the ebay ad here: Toyota: Land Cruiser Firetruck This...
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