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  1. Kevin Janchiv

    Wanted Radiator Fan Shroud for 100 series/LX470

    Hello, I am looking for Fan Shroud for 100 series or LX470 (1998-2005) in good condition. I am in Denver, CO. Thanks,
  2. houstonfj40

    Wanted Sbc conversion fan shroud FJ40

    Looking for a fan shroud, sbc conversion, FJ40. Something like the BTB shroud, they keep saying they will make again but I have been waiting a couple months next option is to get one fabed. Thanks. Marc
  3. dudenhoeffer

    So disappointed with my FlexLite electric cooling fans

    So, this is a bit of a rant... please forgive... but I figured I'd share my hard earned experience and perhaps save others some hardship in the process. DO NOT BUY A 412 DUAL FLEX-A-LITE FAN SET FOR YOUR VORTEC SWAP... There, I said it. Feels good. Now... why? You may be thinking, "I thought...
  4. flipout007

    Wanted fan shroud for a 76 fj40 +++Found it thanks!-2f

    Conversion done, 1f-3spd to 2f-4spd and I neglected to consider the fan shroud difference. I'm in need of a solid 2f shroud.
  5. A

    Modifications to Fan Shroud?

    Has anyone cut or clearanced their fan shroud to be removed without draining any fluids? I've determined the majority of my too hot issues are air flow related, and cleaning the mud out from behind the shroud will help this situation dramatically. Seems the circle directly adjacent to the fan...
  6. rkymtnflyfisher

    Wanted Fan shroud for 74 FJ40

    Looking for a solid shroud for my 40, something that is not rusted out. Thanks.
  7. J

    BJ74 AC/ALT/PS Belt Change Tips

    G'day everyone! I got hold of a BJ74 a few months back for a relatively good price here in Australia. I sent it in to have a checkup and to see what needs attention and one of the things was "drive belts". I have now purchased the necessary belts and they're sat here waiting to go on. I was just...
  8. S

    For Sale FJ40 Fan Shroud 1976 1977 1978

    Rust free and dent free.$80 plus shipping. Item located in South East Texas
  9. T

    Wanted FJ55 radiator and fan shroud

    Looking for a radiator and fan shroud for a 1975 fj55. If you have those items and want to part with them please let me know. Also I am located in central Ca and will pay for shipping. Thanks Noel
  10. carreta

    Wanted 1984 Fan Shroud

    Need a fan shroud for a 1984 fj40. NON USA
  11. A

    Wanted FJ80 Fan Shroud

    Found one on eBay, just wanted to check here before pulling the trigger. Let me know if you have one and what you want shipped to 60585. Thanks!
  12. txlonghorn

    For Sale 80 series fan shroud - SOLD

    SOLD Pulled off a 1993 Land Cruiser. Should fit 93-97. Good condition. Located in Houston, TX. You pay shipping.
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