1. T

    100 Series Fuel Filler Cap Differences?

    I've owned my 1998 2UZ Land Cruiser for 3 years and it's had a Stant 10825 aftermarket fuel filler cap presumably for many, many years from the previous owner. I've read about all the fuel pressure issues people have had and was pleased I never had them...until this week as the weather has been...
  2. Helimancan

    Rertrofit 1978 2F with 1992 3VZE Evap System

    I currently am running a 2F with a Howell Efi conversion in place. I would like to Incorporate a simple evaporative emmissions system from a 1992 3VZE if possible. (Or a similar basic system) What do you think ? Can I simply install a Bimetal Vacuum Switching Valve (BVSV) in a location...
  3. Taylorious

    Only able to take 16 Gallons of Fuel... what's up?

    Hi all. Longtime lurker, and finally got into an FJ60 this summer and have been slowly working out the kinks. ISSUE: Of the 'smaller potatoes' is the title issue; I can't put more than 16 gallons (+/-) of fuel into my truck whenever I fill it. Now, I know the manual states the OEM tank is 23.x...
  4. E

    4.5L EFI - 1FE-FZ - FJ79R (2003) - evaporative emissions problem

    Hi all, I think I'm having an evaporative emissions problem as my main fuel tank is becoming pressurised on occasion, however I'm struggling to find/figure out the evap system as my vehicle has two additional fuel tanks and it seems the system has been modified to accommodate the additional...
  5. Markuson

    Evap Codes GONE...Woo!

    New charcoal canister and replaced fill tubes. Sheesh. Finally! Bad news is canister is EXPENSIVE... But glad I can stop my routine with the code reader/reset. :hillbilly:
  6. LostAfrican

    Charcoal Canister Replacement Option

    Our's is an 01, LX, with the charcoal canister in the engine bay (not in the back above the spare). This mod is definitely more applicable to those model years with charcoal canister in the front, though it could easily be adapted for the later years with the canister in the rear. I have an aux...
  7. EZEMpls

    More EVAP Canister chatter

    I am confident that what I am looking for is here already but I spent 30 mins searching every combination I can think of and I get everything except what I am looking for. Has anyone experienced gas leaking out of your EVAP Canister??? Mine was, I tightened a hose clamp and the LEAK stopped...
  8. Trukdiver

    Former Lurker wants to know when the real fun will start?

    I bought my '04 TLC in '08 with 44K miles on it. Basically almost new. Did the basic maintenance on it and all was generally good for 7 years. So, just when I had a little cash to do some mods on it, the dash lights came on. The#@&^$ lights! Between May and now, I cannot get them to stop...
  9. Tofel

    EVAP fails on long climbs at altitude

    Hi guys, Lateley I`ve been having gasoline smell in the car. It happens only on prolonged climbs (1-2h) and at heights (between 1500 and 4000 m). From what I`ve checked in FSM EVAP system sucks the vapors into the manifold only with hot engine and RPM above 3000, so my theory is that with...
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