1. C

    Wanted  Colorado - Left front/Driver's side FENDER (good to great condition)

    '97 FJ80 Looking for a good to great condition driver's side front fender! Anyone know where I can locate one or is there a fabricator out there, as Toyota has discontinued them.
  2. B

    Wanted  Driver Side Front Seat Belt Grey for 93 FJ80

    I need a grey seat belt for the drivers side front seat of a 94 fj80, let me know if you have one that's in good condition and not torn or stained
  3. zgarre

    Wanted  FJ60 Driver Seat Belt Receiver (Gray)

    Looking for one of these that isn't cracked - pics appreciated! Mine has the seat belt warning light plug. Pic to follow...
  4. Cruiserdrew

    Wanted  80 series Driver Headlight 95-97

    Like the title says, need complete headlight. Closer to Northern California, the better!
  5. mmcinnis

    Wanted  Driver seat early 60, 61

    Need drivers seat frame. Early 60, 61, 62. Thanks Mike
  6. C

    Wanted  100 Series Fender - driver side front

    Hit a deer and the body shop is unable to locate the fender. If anyone has one or could point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it. I want to get back on the road, I miss my cruiser! Cheers, Erik
  7. LBridges

    Techstream cable software driver info

    Bottom line - up front: if you think you might buy a 2017 LC (or other new Toyota?) and plan to but haven't yet bought a copy of Techstream, you should make sure you get a cable with firmware/software drivers that is version 2.0.X. I recently purchased a new LC and I wanted to turn off the...
  8. D

    Wanted  Gray front driver seat

    looking for a front seat or any fabric for my 88 fj62
  9. Blasst

    how do you deal with diesel fuel on driver floormat

    (Nevermind, figured out the problem.) cheers, Jim
  10. B

    Newbie Looking For "Driver" FJ40

    Hi Folks, I'm new to the forum, which I joined recently as I plan to buy an "driver"-level FJ40 for a bit of classic offroading fun. I've offroaded in more modern vehicles in the past and present (1990 Isuzu Trooper and 2005 Nissan Frontier), but would like to try something more classic - the...
  11. pandasfj

    For Sale  fj62 driver side mirror Sold

    Have aftermarket chrome manual mirror in almost new condition. Mounted on cruiser but then went with an electric mirror instead. Mirror does not include gasket, $30 paypal friends n family plus shipping.
  12. D

    Considering FJ60/62 as Daily Driver in Austin

    Hello, I'm new to the group. I've been considering ditching my sedan for an FJ60 or FJ62 as my daily driver. I live in Central Austin, and my daily commute consists of about a 5 mile loop: up 35 about 2 miles to drop off kids at school, then back down Guadalupe to an office building downtown...
  13. Sanchez

    real time help with removing the driver side seat switch. *figured it out

    Folks i need help with removing the drivers seat switch from the LX. Seat and seat bottom is out but dont know how to remove the switch. it keeps blowing fuses, i traced it down to the switch. Thanks
  14. R

    Wanted  LX450 Driver Mirror Assembly

    I have the mirror housing just looking for the assembly. Has anyone got one ? Thanks
  15. etxfj62

    For Sale  1988 FJ62 2fe daily driver

    Needing to trade (may take offer) my dd 1988 2fe fj62 w/ 176k miles for 30-35 hp tractor with loader. Recently trying to make it homesteading so I need the tractor around here and doing small construction jobs. This fj62 is in great shape with a consistent 13-14mpg, drives straight and...
  16. gwalt584

    Builds  FJ40/80 Four Door-H55- LT4- Driver

    I've been working on this project now since February 2015. The red FJ40, AKA TimeMachine Build, got purchased from me, which is a story in itself. So I decided to build a 4 door model and I was attracted to the FJ40 4 door body on an FJ80 frame. Aqualu builds the body. Justin, at Redline...
  17. uncool

    Driver power seat goes foreward but not back

    Apparently my search foo skills are weak but found a few threads but not much. I took the seat out, the side with the motor works fine. The other side doesnt move. The cap is missing on this side and the shaft pushes in and turns when I hold it with my finger but the screw drive doesnt move. I...
  18. S

    Driver side mirror.........

    Not paying attention when I backed out of the garage today and extended the mirrors before I exited the jamb and the mirror cover popped off (as it hit the jamb). That would have been OK/easy fix but proceeded to roll over it with my front tire. Q1: does Toyota use this part on other models? I...
  19. DirtScaresMe

    Bearing race install with no driver

    I'm staring at my torn down knuckle and want to pop my new races and bearings in. No driver on hand, none in town, and non can be here till Monday. And safe way to get them in?
  20. lenross1

    Wanted  White LX450 driver side door

    I am looking for a White LX450 driver side door preferably with the cladding. let me know please.
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