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  1. FranzFJ80

    Axle/Birf/Flange Question for 1992 FJ80

    Hey all, I'm in the thick of a front axle job and wondered if you could help. I have a 1992 FJ80. I was working on the passenger side with my buddy yesterday, and he got a little rough trying to seat the new birf in the old axle shaft. Now the end of the axle shaft is gouged and won't even go...
  2. AaKnight

    Does this Pinion Flange look right to you?

    I admit I don't know much about differentials, and I'm chasing down a Driveline vibration. Was hoping someone more knowledgeable could watch the and tell me if this is where my problem is, or if this appears normal. symptoms are growling on deceleration, almost like a lawn mower. After the...
  3. ontopofm

    Emergency - Stranded: need 3 drive flange studs

    Hey guys, I have 3 broken drive flange studs in Santa Ana, anyone have spares? please call or text me at 559-423-0710 I need to get back to Fresno by tonight. thanks.
  4. I

    1999 LC - Front drive train slippage? Loud grinding noise. Center diff lock controls it

    I originally posted about this on 11/20 but no replies were received. I have some new information. I have verified that as long as the center differential lock (CDL) is engaged that the noise and engine revving doesn't occur. I believe something is slipping in the driver's side front wheel...
  5. Rivman1243

    Parts help

    I'm looking for a drive flange/ drive plate for a front axle on a 97 FZJ80. I have one that is starting to make a loud pop noise when accelerating or hitting the brakes. I took off the dust cap and watched the axle while my helper cycled between drive and reverse. I could clearly see the axle...
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