1. Ebike toter

    Looking for donation- cracked 2L-TE Head

    Hi all.. I am starting to design a new 2L-TE inake & exhaust package complete with 3"exhaust & intercooler.. I need an old "useless" head to 3D laser scan & knit into my completed engine bay laser scans. So if you've got a cracked head reach out to me... I can put your "junk" to good use... Cheers
  2. Adriaan

    Torsion bar trouble - could use some help

    I am currently travelling Argentina in a LC100 (HDJ100: European model 2004 with 4.2 ltr 1HD-FTE diesel engine). The Automatic Ride Height stuff was removed and the height is set higher than usual to get more clearance. It's quite heavy: I guess we're getting close to 4000 kgs. TJM bumper with...
  3. M

    % of 470s w/Original Dash Not Cracked/Sticky

    Trying to decide if I want to risk buying a GX470 that hasn’t had the dash replaced. As it costs like $1700-$2000 for the parts and labor from what I’ve been told. Does anyone have a GX470 with original dash that hasn’t been replaced that isn’t sticky or cracked? If so did you do anything to...
  4. 2

    Snorkel cracked around radio antenna

    Had my 2000 cruiser a couple of weeks. Just noticed the snorkel is cracked along the seam around the radio antenna area. I believe it's a cheap Chinese one with LAND CRUISER on the side. Is this likely to affect performance or fuel economy? How bad is it if rain gets in there? Crack isn't huge...
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