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  1. N

    Catalytic convertor failure supercharged 80

    After 60,000 miles my thorough OEM rebuild with new SUPERCHARGER had its “new” Magnaflow cats block and self destruct stranding me in Monument Valley Navajo res. Replaced in Flagstaff with straight pipe to continue driving. Im in California CARB state Any suggestions for a better catalytic...
  2. L

    Anyone successful at replacing the catalytic converter heat shield?

    I bought a 2001 100 series a couple of months ago and noticed that the heat shield on my driver side cat is missing while I was looking for the famous " heat shield rattle". The noise is probably from the passenger side heat shield which is barely holding on. I'll probably just buy a hose clamp...
  3. thunderhog

    OEM exhaust converter retainer melting?

    Hi mud h8ers, I have a really stupid question. I am trying to close a leak in my exhaust system at the flange where the catalytic converter meets the muffler. Can the converter retainer on the exhaust system melt? My 1997 has a pretty rusty exhaust system, and I replaced the gasket, bolts, nuts...
  4. knewjax

    California 62 owners show me your CAT (aftermarket driver side)

    Any California 62 guys with a newer or after market catalytic converter under the driver side able to let me know the brand / part number you used and / or snap a picture of the fitment with the numbers on the bottom. I’m having a hard time finding one priced right & small enough to fit the...
  5. socalsixty

    Wanted  FJ60 Catalytic Converter Temperature Probe

    Hi guys, I’m in the process of replacing my catalytic converter and associated hardware, and realized I’m missing this piece. All that remains are two wires in place where the sensor was. I stole these photos from another thread (thank you to who took them). This will be going on my ‘87 FJ60...
  6. S

    Hard start/ Cats/fuel pump/02 sensors/

    so I’ve scoured different forums but having no luck solving a hard start issue. Bought a 99 lx470 about 2 months ago. Ran amazing for a couple weeks and still runs great once it’s running but after having it two weeks it would intermittently crank at start but not fire. Turn the key off and try...
  7. fjatheart

    For Sale  Rockwall, TX (DFW) FJ40-Catalytic Converter

    I’ve got a new Miller catalytic converter with 2.5 inch inlet and outlet. There are flanges welded on that would allow bolt on installation or those can be removed for welding in place. I bought it for a 1980 FJ40 2F, but I’ve never used it. We’re moving and I’m cleaning out the garage. $150...
  8. T

    2011 LC with 60K miles exhaust issues

    Loud from forward aspect of exhaust, had dealer look and guy tells me 50% chance of a catalytic converter problem as well but won't know til looks -- seems odd for 60K cat failure but wondered if anyone had an opinon
  9. B

    1996 fzj80 145k rough idle, hesitation,

    I pulled into the driveway today and my car was running rough. Fine all the way home other than that. I rev the engine and the CEL comes on. Check the code and it says there is a misfire in cylinder #1. I can smell gas or rich exhaust in car. Pop hood while it is running and see exhaust...
  10. AussieRedneck

    For Sale  FZJ80 MagnaFlow 23120 Y-pipe with cat, SOLD!!!

    Bought this and sold my FZJ80. Mine was a 95. Check MagnaFlow for your year fitment. $300 + shipping.
  11. TheAshenWolf

    Buying a 1997 (I Hope) - Help with Emissions Testing, Catalytic Converter

    Hey all. I found a 1997 40th Anniversary with 250k miles in amazing shape. The second owner has driven it for the last 16 or 17 years and taken great care of it. I put a $500 deposit on it last week to hold it while we sorted out the purchase details. He took the truck for emissions testing...
  12. M

    poor acceleration, doggy, etc...

    Hello folks, still fighting with this rig since the last debacle, but it has evolved. Description of current issue: Lacks power, idle seems good. Right now its about as quick as a automatic NA volvo 240 wagon, full... It will get up hills, and though it does not really seem to be straining, its...
  13. B

    Single catalytic converter

    I was getting a catalytic converter CEL code on my 1997 LX450. I did some online shopping and decided to go with the Magnaflow 99006HM universal ones. Since Magnaflow stated this was for front or back, I ordered two to go inline. I got a call from my muffler guy telling me that there was not...
  14. KUpchu9702

    Replacement exhaust systems?

    Sorry if this is an extensively covered question. I have been getting a code P0420 which is an indication of drivers side bank 1 catalytic issue. My vehicle is a 2006 LC100. I am wondering what folks are doing to replace these cats and exhaust systems short of going OEM $$$. While I am at it I...
  15. CHDAZ80

    SOLD  FZJ80 Magnaflow Downstream Cat, NIB

    Brand New Magnaflow Catalytic converver for FZJ80/LX450.I can't tell you every year it applies to but it will fit 96 and 97 Landcruiser/LX450. Its the 2nd downstream cat. Magnaflow part number 23622. Will fit perfectly in place of original downstream cat. Gaskets not included which are cheap and...
  16. Spike Strip

    California Smog and Catalytic Converter CAT

    Just wanted to pass on an FYI that on my last smog test, earlier in the month, both stations I went to, the tech actually crawled under the truck and recorded the part # of the CAT and checked against a database for CA compliance. I've since talked to a couple of other people who had the same...
  17. Koe E

    FZJ80 single catalytic

    Is anyone running a single catalytic converter in there fzj80? Any smog issues? I want to delete one of the cataylic converters and tuck my exhaust closer to the underside of the vehicle, but living in California I need it to pass smog. I want to run the exhaust into a single catalytic converter.
  18. DuckLN

    Remove catalytic converter ?

    In arkansas we don't require a smog test on vehicles. Would my lc run any better if i cut the cat converter off and had a pipe welded in? Or would this cause an O2 sensor to go into fault mode or something similar? Always lookin for improvement!
  19. Tuite

    For Sale  NC: FJ62 Catalytic Converter and Exhaust

    Removed from 1988 FJ62 with 161k miles Cat - $40 Exhaust Y from Cats to Muffler - $75 Prefer local pickup in Charlotte NC
  20. westy

    Fj62 Cat issue

    I have a '89FJ62 and my one catalytic converter is rattling like a tin can full of marbles. No real loss of power but annoying as hell. Cat gone bad? Any suggestions for non-OEM replacements? Thanks, Jim in PA
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