1. D

    Rebuild, replace parts, or buy new(aftermarket) carb...?

    Hey everyone, my desmogged '87 FJ60 developed a leak in the Holley carb, appears to be coming from the accelerator pump and/or below the float bowl area. I was thinking these are my options; 1. having someone rebuild the whole thing but I live in Hawai'i and I haven't been able to find anyone...
  2. D

    Part of carb fell out during rebuild, trying to identify where it goes

    Hey all, title pretty much says it all. I have pictures. I think the three things fell out of the place I’m pointing to on the carb body, but I don’t know what order they go into it. (I’m trying to be very specific in my notes as I take this thing apart.
  3. Kschep

    Carburetor disassembly - mainly removal / install Q’s

    Have an owners manual - yet it doesn’t say how to remove the carb out of my ‘76 40 series. I need a little assistance from someone who has removed theirs from their truck. I have a pic of the (what i think are the four main bolts - I placed yellow tape directly close to the front 2 bolts (no...
  4. B

    Carb not getting gas!!

    Hey everyone! We have a 1985 FJ60, not in great condition but when it starts it runs very well. Every time we turn it off, it has a very hard time starting if it starts at all. It seems as if the carb is not getting gas (or enough gas) in order for the engine to fire. We recently replaced the...
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