Weird AC Issue

    I've got this very strange AC issue where the air is blowing out of the side vents, but not the center vents of the dash. Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. M

    Blower motor relay location

    I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction for the location of the blower relay. I have replaced the blower motor resistor, but now only the hi and low speeds work. Speeds 1, 2 and 3 are all low speed and then I have high. I'm thinking there is another resistor or blower relay...
  3. C

    For Sale  Heater and Blower 69 FJ40

    $200 Heater and blower out of a 1969 FJ40 Both are in good working condition. Nevada City, CA
  4. Riviera

    HVAC Control Head & Blower Motor

    1998 Lexus LX470 with factory radio (pre-nav) and digital readout/automatic climate control. So, about 3 weeks ago, I started my car to let it warm up as it was -10 and let it run for about 15 minutes. When I climbed in to go to work, I realized the fan wasn't blowing. I played with the fan...
  5. J

    Cannot locate heater blower motor - 2003 UZJ100R - its different than 2004?

    Hi all. Can someone indicate where the heater blower motor is located in a Right hand drive 2003 GXL v8 5 speed UZJ100R? It is not as it is stated in the only FSM I can find, the 2004 Left hand drive FSM thats available around the web. Looking at the pictures in that FSM, particularly the...
  6. Napoleon047

    For Sale  Early FJ40 heater, duct, and blower

    This heater setup will not clear the shifter in my drivetrain swap, so I figured I would see if someone needs one before I chop it up. Early heater unit, knob intact, defroster flap moves freely. Light surface rust and dirt, easily cleaned up. Heater duct, reasonably good shape, someone has...
  7. TractorDoc

    Wanted  Heater Blower Motor Housing

    1978 FJ40 The lower portion of my heater blower unit (that bolts to the passenger side firewall) is broken and missing a good chunk where it meets the louvers on the cowl. My fan motor works fine, not sure if anyone would part with/sell just the housing? Of course Id like one that is not...
  8. Catfish28

    Blower motor resistor repair

    the rubber or whatever it is coating on my blower resister is cracked and some of it is missing. Pic attached. Was working in both speed when I took it off. Should I wrap it in electric or harness tape or just leave it alone? Thanks.
  9. Wes

    For Sale  (TX) NIB 24V Blower Motor Resistor

    I have a NIB Denso blower motor resistor for a 24V Cruiser. Toyota part number 87138-60150. $60 plus shipping. It may take a couple of days for me to ship it, so you'll have to be patient.
  10. dan1554

    Operating blower motors without keys/ignition on

    I'm planning on automating the operation of the cabin blowers. I installed a coolant heater that should trigger the blowers once coolant reaches a certain temperature. The heater is remotely operated, so the fans need to run without keys in the ignition. My best bet right now is that I can...
  11. cruisermatt

    Wanted  60 series front blower motor

    Looking for a used OEM 60 series front blower motor and looking to pay around $50 plus shipping to FL.
  12. joesfj40

    For Sale  Fj40 front heater + blower motor

    Mud member price is 200 plus shipping. Toyota FJ40 Front Heater + Blower Motor 1973-1983 | eBay Cheers, -Joe Free local pickup. Can offer delivery to LA or Bay Area might just take a while.
  13. Ricktor

    HVAC blower works intermittently hj-60

    Any ideas on why my HVAC blower would work when the weather is warm and not when it's cold? Heat and AC work fine it's just the blower. 89 HJ-60
  14. K

    For Sale  FJ40 blower motor, bump stops and u-bolt plates

    All from my 76 FJ40 and in good working condition. Blower motor $100, bump stops $20, u-bolt plates $20.
  15. Jackybills

    KickBoard fuse box legend, blower fan fault

    Hi people, I'm having trouble with my blower fan on my 2005 100 series Landcruiser, its not operating at all. I'm in Australia and I'm fairly positive its fed from the fuse box in the left hand kick panel as thats the location of the blower fan. The fan controller is activating all three of the...
  16. TomOsborne

    Blower motor in engine bay on drivers side behind head light

    Been trying to figure out what the blower motor is/does behind the drivers side head light. The box its contained in is missing the lid so the blower is exposed. I cant find it in the service manual. Really hate to post a thread for something you would think would be easy to diagnose but I've...
  17. T

    For Sale  72 FJ40 heater knob and blower

    Blower motor out of my parts car. Tested and works! Includes knob and cable. $75 plus ship from 14201 buffalo NY
  18. logic2

    Rubber boot between heater blower motor and vent ?

    What is the name of the Rubber boot between heater blower motor and exterior passenger fender vent that allows you to pull fresh air from the outside ? Right now, the boot / duct is missing and I'm just pulling air from the inner engine bay. Who sells them or do I just fab own ? THanks, Mike
  19. J

    FJ40 Blower

    Does anyone know where this might go on the blower. I found it in my parts bag when reassembling the front blower motor. Thanks! Jeff
  20. graham5david

    blower motor switch question

    about to wire up my blower motor and am wondering if I need a relay between the switch and the motor on the high and low side to prevent burning up the switch.
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