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  1. cool Bob

    For Sale  1986 4Runner Turbo SR5 - Mint Condition

    Hi All, Putting feelers out for my beautiful 1986 4Runner Turbo SR5 with 119K miles. Some of you may have seen this truck on BaT - it did not sell there as reserve wasn't met, but I ended up coming to an agreement privately with the seller. It's all original - graphics, paint, interior - and...
  2. B

    SOLD  Eastern Sierra, CA: 1982 4x4 Toyota Chinook

    This rig has been my daily driver and primary dwelling for the last 5 years/80k miles. Every part of the drivetrain has been rebuilt in the last 75k miles, aside from the transfer case, which works great. The truck runs, drives, turns and stops excellently, and has a ton of upgrades aimed at...
  3. Van Damage

    For Sale  Chicago 87 4runner for sale or trade

    I have an 87 auto with 185k on the odometer and 140 on the engine. Engine is out of a 93 2wd pickup, I've had to do alot to this truck over the past 3yrs to make it a road Worthy daily driver. New fuel tank and sending unit , ball joints , front wheel bearings and seals, CV shafts , new brakes...
  4. Bonznfc

    SOLD  Yuma, AZ 1987 4Runner SR5 Auto 4WD locking front HUBS

    1987 4Runner SR5 4WD with manual locking front HUBS. 246,000 Miles $7000 OBO 22RE engine (Head gasket replaced 3k ago.) New power steering gear box. New Pitman Arm. Interior in great shape for an 87. Removable Hard top. Aftermarket Rims. Rancho shocks. Goods: Runs and shifts just fine...
  5. Clinster

    For Sale  1983 4x4 Short Bed (So. Cal)

    Near perfect body on this brick red short bed 83 4x4. No dents that I can remember. Rustic paint. No Rust that I know of. Transmission is out. 20R is in but in unknown condition, I've never seen this truck run. Came out of Arizona and now in Lancaster, CA. Transmission is in the bed. Interior...
  6. C

    FOR SALE — 2001 Tundra, 4WD, V8, TRD

    2001 Toyota Tundra / TRD / 4WD / Access Cab - 290,000K Miles - Timing Belt Done at 200k - Passed Smog - Lifted 4x4 - Bilstein 5100 Shocks (front & rear) - O.M.E. 700 Springs (front) - Pro Comp 17" Wheels - Pro Comp A/T Tires - Fullsize Spare - Push Button 4WD - LEER Hi-Rise Camper Shell w/...
  7. sean2202

    What to look for when buying 1st gen Tundra

    Hello all. Starting to kick around the idea of buying a 1st gen tundra and was curious if there is a Newbie buyers guide somewhere like Slee has for the 80 and 100 series. Things I know of are... Frame rust and frames that have been replaced. I am skeptical of a truck with a replaced frame as I...
  8. Charles4x4

    1st Gen 4Runner - Truly Topless Possible?

    Last weekend we finished building our Hard Top hoist (special thanks to Illzoni's post on T4R Hoist for 1st Gen Topper - Toyota 4Runner Forum - Largest 4Runner Forum): I then loaded up the family to celebrate and get ice cream...and quickly became jealous of the kids in the backseat with full...
  9. tgell001

    1st gen 4runner shift issue after crossmember install

    1986 4runner Automatic Installed a budbuilt crossmember that didn't exactly fit correctly, so he shipped me spacers and it required 2 to remove the interference with the bottom of the case. Now, I'm stuck in 4WH and the shifter but it into 2WH or 4WL. The shifter moves but feels as if its...
  10. Charles4x4

    1st Gen 4Runner Ashtray Cupholder?

    I just tired to find a good spot to mount the marine folding cup holders in my '87 4Runner SR5 tonight that I got off Amazon but no luck. I have a 80 series Land Cruiser and bought Slee's cup holder that fits in the useless pocket thing that works similar to an ash tray. Does anyone make...
  11. Charles4x4

    Group Buy on 1st Gen 4Runner Can-Back Soft Tops

    Hi, I am new to the 4Runner forums and just picked up a pristine ’87 4Runner SR5 Turbo from TX a week ago. We currently have 80 and 100 series land cruisers, but I wanted the 4Runner because it is light, nimble, and we can take the top off our kids. After getting the new 4Runner, I started...
  12. Charles4x4

    1st Gen 4Runner Soft Top

    I've done a lot of research on soft top options for my '87 4Runner. Here is what I came up with: 1) Killer Toy Tops - $900-$1,000 with lots of color and setup options. Rigid frame design that can hold a roof rack (wish I had a pic of one with a rack). Sides zip off and many use factory rear...
  13. Charles4x4

    1st Gen 4Runner Rear Bumper with Tire Carrier Options

    I just picked up a nice '87 4Runner last weekend. It has a TG rear bumper that seems very well made, but no tire carrier. If I sell the TG, what options exist for a nice rear bumper with a tire carrier for a 37" spare? Pic of my current setup below: Would love something with a similar tire...
  14. coax

    FREE  16x7 steel tacoma wheel, 1st gen (Denver)

    Free for local pick up only, 1 16x7 black steel tacoma wheel. Near city park.
  15. Cruiserhead05

    craigslist  1st Gen Tundra Steel Wheels

    Link: Toyota Tundra Steel Wheels - 17 $200 Located in northern VA.
  16. sean2202

    Pic thread, 1st gen taco / 3rd gen 4R

    Figured I would start a pic thread for these as I have not seen one listed. I'll start with some of my previous rigs. 2000 taco 2.7 4wd with basic spacer lift, diff drop and 31x10.5-15 bfg all terrains. 96 4 Runner Limited 3" toytec front coilovers with ome 890 rears and diff drop 265x75-16...
  17. Toyoder

    For Sale  1st Gen 4-Runner Roll Bar 1st 150 Pennsylvania + More

    I have a 1st Generation roll bar in perfect condition (2) available.
  18. S

    1st Gen Sequoia Rear Spring Upgrade; Keep OE Height?

    Anyone upgrade the rear springs to some "better" but keep the OE height? I'm not really interested in lifting the rear, but would like better load handling/droop performance.
  19. Hailey Walker

    For Sale  1985 Toyota 4Runner (22RE with factory SOLID AXLE)

    The truck is in Laurel, MS, but I drive to Tupelo, MS on some weekends. So anywhere around those areas would be an easy place for someone to come take a look and drive. $7000 (PRICE IS NEGOTIABLE) I'm selling my beautiful 4Runner. This thing is one of a kind. It has the FACTORY SOLID AXLE, a...
  20. HausePhoto

    Wanted  1st Gen 4Runner/2nd Gen Pickup 3rd member

    Looking for a rear 3rd member for my 89 4Runner. Seals/bearings etc. must be in good shape. Preferably within a day's drive of Jackson, MS
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