1st gen 4runner

  1. A Thibodeaux

    1984 4Runner

    Hello folks, I own a 1984 4Runner with July 1984 VIN plate. I'm considering selling this truck. It is all original, minus the Weber carb upgrade, at 208k miles. I bought this truck from the original owner who had never once removed the top. Would someone please clue me in on the potentional...
  2. C

    For Sale 1986 1st Gen 4runner

    Selling my 1986 1st Gen 4runner... Sad to see it go but need to find it a good home! It has a 22RE Engine, Automatic, 4x4, Brand new AC (3 months old). 292,000 miles. No leaks and the engine runs better than the day I got it. It has been very well maintained and has only has minor replacements...
  3. mervo

    Another 1st Gen 4Runner Build

    Fellow Mudders, Earlier this week my wife told me a neighbor from a few blocks away stopped by as they always see me in the driveway working on my 80 series, and hauling stuff to the dump in my 95 standard cab 22re (first vehicle I ever purchased). Well, to make a long story short, the...
  4. Charles4x4

    1st Gen 4Runner - Truly Topless Possible?

    Last weekend we finished building our Hard Top hoist (special thanks to Illzoni's post on T4R Hoist for 1st Gen Topper - Toyota 4Runner Forum - Largest 4Runner Forum): I then loaded up the family to celebrate and get ice cream...and quickly became jealous of the kids in the backseat with full...
  5. tgell001

    1st gen 4runner shift issue after crossmember install

    1986 4runner Automatic Installed a budbuilt crossmember that didn't exactly fit correctly, so he shipped me spacers and it required 2 to remove the interference with the bottom of the case. Now, I'm stuck in 4WH and the shifter but it into 2WH or 4WL. The shifter moves but feels as if its...
  6. Charles4x4

    1st Gen 4Runner Ashtray Cupholder?

    I just tired to find a good spot to mount the marine folding cup holders in my '87 4Runner SR5 tonight that I got off Amazon but no luck. I have a 80 series Land Cruiser and bought Slee's cup holder that fits in the useless pocket thing that works similar to an ash tray. Does anyone make...
  7. Charles4x4

    Group Buy on 1st Gen 4Runner Can-Back Soft Tops

    Hi, I am new to the 4Runner forums and just picked up a pristine ’87 4Runner SR5 Turbo from TX a week ago. We currently have 80 and 100 series land cruisers, but I wanted the 4Runner because it is light, nimble, and we can take the top off our kids. After getting the new 4Runner, I started...
  8. Charles4x4

    1st Gen 4Runner Soft Top

    I've done a lot of research on soft top options for my '87 4Runner. Here is what I came up with: 1) Killer Toy Tops - $900-$1,000 with lots of color and setup options. Rigid frame design that can hold a roof rack (wish I had a pic of one with a rack). Sides zip off and many use factory rear...
  9. 1

    For Sale 1988 Toyota Hilux Surf Import $15,500

    I have decided to sell my 1988 Toyota Hilux surf 2.4L Diesel which was imported from Japan. (Right hand drive & Manual). 87,000 miles on her (140,000 KM) and all work has been performed by ACC Toyota in Atlanta. Manual transmission. Title in hand and vehicle is registered here in Atlanta...
  10. HausePhoto

    Wanted 1st Gen 4Runner/2nd Gen Pickup 3rd member

    Looking for a rear 3rd member for my 89 4Runner. Seals/bearings etc. must be in good shape. Preferably within a day's drive of Jackson, MS
  11. nelsonva

    Parting Out 88 4runner auto 3.0 red on red charlottsville va area

    Parting out a 89 toyota 4runner red on red frame and body have little to no rust. Cruise control sr5 with handcraft windows various parts missing
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