1. Chachi254

    Advice! Im considering buying a 1980 Toyota Truck for $5000

    Hello all! I’m a current FZJ80 owner and I’m in the process of acquiring a 1980 Toyota pickup from Oklahoma. I don’t know much about these trucks or the 3rd gen Toyota pickups in general and could use some advice and opinions about what I’m getting myself into! The seller is holding onto the...
  2. yotadude520

    1980 Toyota Pickup Radio Options

    Hey guys! My 1980 Pickup has the stock radio in it but it doesn't work. I'd like to get some music going in that thing but I also don't want to cut up the dash - it's in way too nice of shape. Anybody know any radios that will fit in the slot without any cutting/modification? Also I may be...
  3. D

    1980 RHD BJ40 Value?

    Evening, Have owned/sold several FJ40’s over the years. But recently discovered a 1980 Right Hand Drive BJ40 potentially for sale. Can anyone “ballpark” a value on a fairly clean, good running, limited rust ‘80 BJ40? Also are the diesels hard to get engine parts for? Is the RHD a parts/labor...
  4. H

    For Sale Expert Restored 1980 FJ40 Land Cruiser - Charlotte, North Carolina

    1980 Toyota FJ4- Land Cruiser - $74,900 - Charlotte, North Carolina (704) 453-2140 The heavy-duty FJ40 series Land Cruiser was introduced in 1960 and quickly became America's best-selling Toyota with production running nearly a quarter of a century. The popular and durable FJ40 series has...
  5. Wes

    For Sale (TX) 1980 JDM Land Cruiser Owner's Manual

    I am offering a 1980 JDM Land Cruiser owner's manual for sale for $100 shipped to the lower 48. The cover and tabs are fair, but the inside is in quite good condition.
  6. Hilux80

    G58 tranny swap on Hilux

    Well, here is the donor truck. 1994 4Runner, 22re engine (gone) and G58 transmission with transfer case, driveshafts, and all the bits and pieces required to make my Lux a 5 speed. With a little modding of course, but that's the fun part! I'll keep you posted on the progress, lots of pictures I...
  7. Hilux80

    L43 to G58 Tranny on 1980 Hilux

    So I've located a 5 speed G58 transmission and associated parts for just $300, my hilux is currently running the stock L43 4 speed transmission. Upon some further research online Wayne and I saw that the L43 tranny is usually only for RWD trucks and cars, however my truck has rear wheel high...
  8. TwelveGravity

    SOLD [CA] 1980 FJ40 Grill Mesh **DELETE**

    Looking for a mesh for my 1980. I think 79 and up will fit but I don't know for sure. With or without Toyota Emblem. In reasonable shape please. Not mint but not beat up. Greatly Appreciate it. I will also in the near future be looking into the driver side spare tire carrier for the same year.
  9. tstepp920

    Wanted Guage Cluster for a 1980 FJ40

    I have been informed that my gauge cluster can not be restored due to the rust on the face of the gauge cluster. Soooo..... I need a re-storeable gauge cluster for a 5/80 FJ40. Be gentle. My wallet has suffered greatly due to my affliction.
  10. P

    For Sale 1980 landcruiser fj 73k orig miles

    1980 Landcruiser fj, 2nd owner stored inside runs and drives great, needs paint...I already purchased the paint. I have no time to finish this truck, as I build old school broncos. 73k miles $14500.00 thanks Will
  11. cmil1

    Wanted 1980 Fj40 Right Side Running Board Step

    Looking for Right Side Running board step for 1980 FJ40. Wanted to try here for just the right side before I buy a pair.
  12. Thor Svendsen

    Best option for diesel engine upgrade 1980 BJ44

    I live in Myanmar and drive a 1980 BJ44. Some of the places I go are quite challenging with real bad or no roads, driving on shallow river beds and pretty steep climbs. I sometimes feel that I could do with more engine power. My car is a 1980 BJ44 with original 1B diesel engine. I have upgraded...
  13. overton

    Wanted 1979 / 1980 FJ40 Center Console

    Looking for a center console for my 1979 FJ40 - This is just the simple plastic unit held in by 4 screws. Please email overton@aol.com with a pic. Thanks! Greg
  14. E

    Wanted Tool Bag Bracket for Later Year FJ40s

    I am looking for the bracket that holds down the tool bag on later model year FJ40s. It was located underneath the rear passenger side jump seat. If anyone has one for sale, PM me. Thanks,
  15. tstepp920

    1980 FJ40 / What date did rear heater change

    I have a 5/80 FJ40. The console is missing. The heater for the rear is missing. I understand that rear heat was an option. Below are some photos of the existing piping at the firewall and into the front heater. It appears original. What are your thoughts? Did my 40 ever have a rear heater? If it...
  16. tstepp920

    1980 FJ40 Rear Heater Photos

    Someone please post photos of the correct location of lines & hardware (clamps and brackets, etc.) running from the firewall back to the rear heater for a 1980 FJ40. And the mounting location of the heater itself. I can't seem to find the mounting point. Thanks
  17. tstepp920

    Wanted FJ40 Ash Tray 1980

    WTB an Ash Tray for a 5/80 FJ40 . It will have the plastic face of the drawer like the photo. It doesn't have to be perfect. The face must be in great condition. I can have the rest rechromed Photo credit to Indygbd
  18. R

    For Sale 1980 FJ45

    1980 FJ45 for sale : Location, Nairobi / Kenya Price $18,500
  19. R

    1980 FJ45 for sale: $18,500

    1980 FJ45 for sale: $18,500 Laction: Nairobi / Kenya
  20. wildling

    Wanted 1980 or Later FJ40 Wiring Harness

    Looking to upgrade my '77 40 series with door switch courtesy lighting. Interested in finding 1980 or later wiring harness to swap in. Thanks!
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