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    Building an ALUM camping table and need ideas for folding, telescopic legs

    Where abouts are you here George? The country looks similar to areas out near me.
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    1977. Fj40. Rear wheel/ diff. Can roll backwards. Not forwards

    pull the brakes apart first. They wedge lock going forwards but not backwards. may just be jammed on
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    Rattle from rear end when accelerating?

    universal joint. Does it make a different sound in reverse? When you accelerate hard the springs wrap with the torque of the diff which makes the uni work in a different spot than it normally does.
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    What Vehicle Would This Tool Box Have Come From?

    23mm wheel spanner? Sounds large. 6 stud cruisers were all 21mm i thought
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    Help rehabing turn signal

    The picture appears to have two wires, so would it be safe to assume it has its own dedicated earth?
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    ARB bullbars

    Still waiting on mine.....
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    Tunes for 68 FJ40

    Headphones. You look like a dick but they also cancel out some of the cabin noise
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    Builds Newly Restored 40 With Questions from the Past

    I have been told that these motors do not like 91 as they were designed for higher octane leaded fuel. Try some higher octane fuel or octane booster- this may help with the sputtering under acceleration.
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    Builds Newly Restored 40 With Questions from the Past

    It could be coming from the small relief hole on the bottom of the water pump shaft area indicating the seal in the pump is gone
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    Builds My '78 FJ40 "44"

    I also have a nissan patrol fitted with a 6.5 chev diesel and i went to service it a week ago and noticed 4 blades completely missing and another one damaged. I never heard a thing
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    Early Wiper Motor Park Function

    actually googling "wiper motor" and trolling through the images reveals quite a few that look very similar and could possibly be adapted in to do the job
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    Early Wiper Motor Park Function

    I do recall somewhere on the interwebs seeing an aftermarket wiper motor that looked almost an exact replica for those motors but as usual im buggered if i can remember where!!
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    Door won’t open from inside

    loosen the bolts holding the inner handle on and slide the whole mechanism towards the front of the car and re tighten.
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    Spark plugs for F2 fj40

    "Gap" refers to the distance from the tip of the electrode to the ground prong. In other words the gap between the round bit of metal in the middle of the plug to the square piece of metal that comes from near the thread and bends up and over the round piece
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