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Discussion in 'TN- STLCA' started by Hugh Heifer, Oct 23, 2008.

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    Hey guys.
    Dunno if this is worth anything or if you have heard of them before but Whites Auto at 1726 Hwy 411 in Vonore, TN
    Supposedly used to have a bunch of FJ40s and other model Cruisers. They were described to me as a Toyota only wrecker yard. A bud called pover thereand was told that although they do not have 40 parts anymore they have a significant amount of '91-'93 Cruiser parts.

    Phone is 423-884-6075.

    Again, I have not been there nor talked to them. Just an FYI.

  2. DBrown2


    Dayton, TN
    They have been there for years, back in the 90's I use to visit them often... They now are not so much in to parting out Toyotas, but mainly buying wrecked and fixing them for resale. What they have left, is carcus time rides... Where they buy two to make 1 deal.

    But if you want the new Tundra Motor for your FJ40 you will find it there.

    They are pricey folk... But back in the day... It was worth going sitting up a chair, and just looking over the field, at all the yotas...

    The old man retired, and now the son has it.

    If you take the Loudon Exit off 75, Take it till it runs into 411, turn lft 200 yards on the left, there it sits.

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