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New Member to FJ/BJ40 Forum

Discussion in '40- & 55-Series Tech' started by HelimanBD, Nov 27, 2006.

  1. HelimanBD

    HelimanBD Regular Member

    Seremban, NS, Malaysia
    Hello All,
    Just joined the Toyota Forum this morning, hoping to share and learn more on the Toyota LandCruisers.

    For a start, I purchased a non working 1981 Toyota BJ40 early part of this year from EAST Malaysia, had it shipped to WEST Malaysia, took us 5 months and 25 days to restore, with the help from my classmate, friends, dad and fellow 4x4 mates.

    Tried loading a compiled pdf on restoration process BUT was unable.
    Attempted to send some jpeg BUT was unable due to limited file size.
    For interested parties please email me at bernard65ng@yahoo.com and state BJ40 at subject/title field. .

    At present (NOT shown), had the recovery kit in place inclusive of communication set, PTO winch, HI-LIFT Jacks, snatch straps, shackles, 31x10.5R15 MT (Centipedes on) and list goes ON, added ON between September and November timeframe.….

    A little on myself,
    Reside. : Seremban, NS, West Malaysia (80km south of Kuala Lumpur)
    Occupation: Engineer with multinational by profession.
    Into PADI SCUBA certification besides many hobbies
    Interest : Basically outdoor person,
    · Jungle tracking in rainforest between 1983 to 2004.
    · Motorcycle riding on and off raods.
    · Fresh water fishing -PIKE fish (also known as snakeheads)
    · RC on helicopters.
    · Communications…. “hammer” under 9W2NKP callsign
    4x4Offroad : since 1999 with FORD Ranger XLT….

    That’s all for now….

  2. mikedickbek

    mikedickbek New Member

    Honolulu, HI
    Welcome to Mud!
  3. pbgbottle

    pbgbottle Forum Lifer SILVER Star

    Cloverdale B.C. Canada
    X2 - welcome

  4. camcruiser13

    camcruiser13 New Member

    sittin on the couch in UT
    x3 welcome
  5. HelimanBD

    HelimanBD Regular Member

    Seremban, NS, Malaysia
    Completing Intro with Images....New Member to FJ/BJ40 Forum (original 28nov06)

    Finally managed to downsize images.
    Picture does tell a 1000 words....
    Pictures taken 9 dec06 via handphone.

    Model : 1981 BJ40
    Engine : B typed 2977cc
    Others : Gear Ratio/etc.... standard...

    have fun.....

    View attachment 107707

    View attachment 107708

    View attachment 107709

    Last edited: Dec 12, 2006
  6. Josie'sLandCruiser

    Josie'sLandCruiser Stop calling it a "FJ." SILVER Star

    Seattle, USA
    Hi All:

    "Heliman," nice looking rig!!

    Can you give us some specifications on it?


  7. FJ-40Original

    FJ-40Original New Member

    Very nice! Welcome!
  8. HelimanBD

    HelimanBD Regular Member

    Seremban, NS, Malaysia
    Hello Alan/All,
    Per request, please find below informative.

    My current rig is 1981 Toyota LandCruiser BJ40
    Diesel engine : B Type

    Transmission : 4speed manual transmission,
    Gear : original engine/transmission…. I believe it should be,
    Gear ratio: high 1.000
    Gear ratio: low 1.959
    Axle ratio 4.111
    Steering : conventional (NON powered)
    Brakes : Drum all round.
    Body Lift : None/ only 6 inch shackle on the REAR.

    Rim : ENKAI 7.5 inch alloy rims with about 20mm offset.
    Tires : Current on 31”x10.5xR15 Simex Centipedes

    Next change will be Silverstone MT117-Xtreme
    Cabin : air cond powered by 508 compr. believe by SANDEN.
    Recovery : Currently fitted with Toyota OEM PTO with forward
    (winching)/reverse(release) gear system.

    As mentioned previously, this baby took 6 months of restoration. The non running vehicle was previous used in BORNEO timber logging terrains. It was stripped down completely, body & engine removed from chasis and rebuilt from ground ZERO…

    About 200 digital images (178Mb) taken from start, stripping down, rebuild process, fire-up and till registered on road. Tried posting the compiled album (4Mb) BUT was limited to very small file size allocation …. ….In brief,

    Body Works – 23March to 6 June’06
    Engine/Car Operation – 6 June to 19 Sept’06
    1st level paint work – 11Sep-17Sept’06
    Officially re-registered on ROAD 26 Sept’06

    Work being done now…..
    • ROLL CAGE 60mm diameter mild steel (B Grade thickness)
    • mountings for high-lift jacks, chainsaw and web-down recovery kit/cargo.

    • flexible “high temp” snorkel.
    Hopefully above addresses some of the queries…


    ps, BJ40 is new to me and am still learning to maximize its handling potentials in Malaysian Rainforest especially when it is WET, muddy and slippery on both land and while river crossing.

    Will post more images time to time...

    View attachment 107957

    View attachment 107958

    Last edited: Dec 18, 2006

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