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    Searched the web but found nothing along the lines that I'm looking for.

    With all the different types of LED's being offered, I wanted to know what the light output of each type of LED is. I'm in the process of changing out all my standard bulbs for LED's and some of the emitters I've seen are 1210, 1206, 3528, and 5050.

    Some of the sellers of the bulbs list lumen output of their bulbs but who knows if its really accurate. Does anyone have a chart for the various types of LED's and their correct lumens? Just want to make sure I get the brightest bang for my buck.

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    What bulbs are you referring to? I have a lumen meter and can take some readings. The interior lights are PFRAN's. Everything on the exterior is custom made at work.


    Currently I'm looking specifically for the doors. I'm trying to get the brightest possible. Looking for almost a spotlight/puddle light for when you step out. I know the dimensions of what can fit and I've got a couple bulbs that I'm looking at. Some have 5050 Leds, some are 3528, and lately I've seen a few that are 1206.

    The problem I run into is knowing which one put's out the most light. 9-5050's, 38-1206's or 28-3528's.


    That's why I wish I knew the lumen output of each type then I could just do the math and see which one has the highest output
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    You want those numbers from the distributor or manufacturer. Requesting that info here doesnt make much sense.

    George's stuff should do the trick though, I think there have been a few threads in the 80's section and some of the bulbs may be the same for lexus. There were quite a few install pictures of George's LED's, you should be able to buy without worry. I dont know much about pfran.

    Either that or order one of each and return what doesnt work the best.
  6. That is definitely an issue with the changeover - vehicle lighting or home lighting. We can all picture the output from a 5w, 25w, 60w, 100w, etc bulb. But then try to figure out the equivalent for LED...

    I found the following chart while trying to come to terms with the issue. It at least gives you some idea of what lumen range you want to be in for a given application. Obviously, it is for home lighting. But it starts to give you an idea of what level of lumens you're looking for. If you're looking at headlights and they're saying 450 lumens, you know you're in the wrong place.
    LED Comparison.png
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    Superbrite led's has lumen output ratings for everything they sell from my recollection.


    They do on most of their products, but I get conflicting info. As in, they list a 5 SMD 5050 LED 194 bulbs as 40 lumens. And then they list a 9 SMD 5050 LED 194 as 35 lumens??? So by adding 4 more LED's we have less light now??

    From what I've read elsewhere each 5050 is supposed to put out 20 lumens a piece. So, one would think to just take the number of LED's and then multiply times 20. But it never seems to add up like that. Hence, where I'm getting all my confusion.
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    My 2cents...

    Any of the lumen ratings are the equivalent of "peak music power' in the hifi days. They are just marketing numbers and I doubt if any of the cheap made in china stuff has actually ever been tested in an integrating sphere.

    A light meter will NOT give accurate values for lumens, since it is designed to follow the human eye response curve and will not accurately measure the 'weird' LED light output of white LEDs etc.

    Given how cheap the LED 'bulbs' are, I'd just say buy one of each for the area you need them for, then make your own mind up which is better and buy more.

    Most made in china leds will be different batch to batch, they'll just use whatever is available and cheap, certainly the quality is all over the board.

    Summary: you won't get any useful/truthfull specs from any of the websites that sell those types of LEDs.

    george (currently in sunny oz and heading bush in a couple of days!)
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    I just ordered an interior dome light for my first gen mini from superbright. I'd have to look back at the lumen rating but that joker is stupid bright. It is a 3022 festoon bulb with a circuit board that has 4 LEDs on it (took extensive mods to get it to fit). I do remember that their "brightness meter" was a 5/5.
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    I bought Pframs set up and have been very happy...the dome lights are at least 3-4 times more light than stock:)

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    I am thinking to install these LED strips under the headlight, above the bumper? Similar to the Audi headlights but without having to bake your headlights and re-sealing them. I'm interested in seeing how it turns out? Does anyone have ideas?
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    I've used Cree LED's for rock lights, dome lights, area light, etc. I've used P4, P5, Q5 and R2 binned emitters. All of these emitters have different color and lumens per watt. My dome lights are powered at 700ma and the rock lights at 500ma. For the same emitter the lumen output is different for the given ma input.

    I order my LED's from Cutter (cutter.com.au) because I can chose my emitter, star size, optics, bin, etc. Cree makes an emitter called the XLamp. This is the description of it on the website: "The XLamp XP-G LED is capable of up to 493 lumens at 92 lumens per watt when driven at 1.5 A."

    There aren't a lot of led manufacturers that give/know/understand this. You have to know what LED it is and how it's powered and what it's powered at. They use drivers, some light bars many and there are different types, and they are not 100% efficient. The above description is based on calculated numbers no doubt. If you have poor or no heat sinking the color of the light changes as well as the brightness so you can't always count on the printed numbers.

    Just speaking from my experience.

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