Difference between standard and SR5!

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  1. ok while i was looking into a question 85 t runner posted i found this out.

    for an 85 4runner these are the plugs NGK recommends
    standard BPR5EA-l gap 32
    v power BPR5EY# gap 32
    G power BPR5GP gap 32
    Iridium BPR5EIX gap 32

    for an 85 4runner SR5
    standard BPR5EA-l-11 gap 44
    v power BPR5EY-11 gap 44
    g power BPR5EGP gap 44
    laser platinum BPR5EP-11 gap 44
    iridium BPR5EIX-11 gap 44

    anyone know why the difference in the gap between the standard truck and an SR5?:cheers:

    i for got the link so you can look yourself...

  2. NorCalBorn


    Not to sound too nerdy here, but IIRC increased gap equates into increased dwell and a stronger spark as well as allowing a difference in timing, etc so in the case of a 4Runner there might likely be a different cam (Like say an RV Cam as an example).

    More simply you gap it differently reflecting different engine needs to keep the same relative amount of power and torque necessary for the heavier vehicle.
  3. yea i understand all of that and it might very well be the case, but i always understood SR5 as a upgraded interior and fancy graphics package! so there could be a difference in how they built the engine, and maybe the ECM?
  4. basically i might have just learned something you all already knew!
  5. norcal is the difference in the cam or the ECM?

    either way i have a SR5 ECM and cam in my truck, so i need to get new plugs and gap them at 44!
  6. oh and what about the different plug #'s are they a hotter plug?
  7. 2ndGenToyotaFan

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    It's complicated....
    Gap them wherever you want... When I got my 86 mini the original plugs were in it and were so worn out they gaped around 70... So I thought, "oh sweet, I'll put new plugs in and gap them correctly and get a bunch of power back!" Nope... New plugs didn't change a thing... Just my experience... :cheers:
  8. really at this point it does not matter.
  9. Rooskey


    Starting in 1985 fuel injection was an option. Did any SR-5's come with a carb or just FI??? :hmm: Im not sure myself just a thought.
  10. 85+92


    Evansdale, IA
    all those plugs listed are the same heat range.. #5

    NGK lower the # the hotter the plug...5 is pretty hot

    I bet if you go to NGK website they'll have a break down, its been awhile since I worked at the parts store I dont remember what the end number pertains to..
  11. 89GASHOG


    SR5 means nothing, really. Supposedly it's "Sport Rally 5speed", but the 2nd Gen v-6 auto 4runner hardly fits any aspect of that description. :steer:

  12. I have just looked through my 1985 Truck and 4Runner FSM. It covers the 22R (truck) and 22R-E engines. It doesn't refer to a 22REC anywhere in the book but it does distinguish in a few places (e.g. emissions section) between "Federal and Canada" versus "California".

    There is only one section on the ignition system. There is only one ignition system listed for the 22R-E and there are only two plugs listed: ND W16EXR-U and NGK BPR5EY. It says the gap should be set at 0.8mm (0.031 in.) for either - period.

    I've also looked through the maintenance section, the engine mechanical section, and the emissions section. There are specifications and instructions for the 22R (carburated truck) and the 22R-E - period. I repeat, there is only one 22R-E engine listed in the FSM mechanical section and the only section that shows two different configurations is the emissions section where it shows one hose setup for Federal and Canada and one for California (Btw, there are also slight differences shown for California in the 22R emissions section). The hose configurations are also slightly different for manual and automatic transmissions.

    SR5 and Deluxe are trim specifications. The NGK website is wrong.

    I am now going to cut and paste this post into all the other current threads on this subject.

    Edit: I just looked at the NGK website for a 1986 4Runner. All options have the same plug and gap specification (0.032). They made a mistake in their 1985 listing.
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  13. As Rooskey states, I'm thinking that in '85 the SR5 was EFI and the base model was a carb. Then in '86 they were all EFI.

    I've got an '85 carbed truck and the FSM out in the shop. But I don't recall different plugs being mentioned. Although, it is possible that later on they were having issues and changed the specifications to improve the situation.
  14. The 85 truck was carbed but all of the 85 4Runners were EFI. I have one sitting in the driveway (FWIW, the 84 4Runners were the only 4Runners that were carbed and it made no difference in any year whether or not it was SR5 or Deluxe).

    I have no idea if you could get an 85 truck with EFI. The OP was asking about a 4Runner.
  15. Ah. Now that you mention it I seem to recall that it was that the truck was carbed EXCEPT for the SR5 while ALL 4Runners had EFI because (like the SR5 truck) the 4Runner was "upscale."

  16. i am going to state this, but take it with a grain of salt as, some say i have no idea what i am talking about, because i ask a question.

    someone on this board has an 85 4runner with a carb 22r, and it is stock no hole in the fire wall for the efi wiring. i know because i did work on his truck.
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  17. How do you know it was an 85 and not an 84? The 85 year model 4Runner was specified as EFI by Toyota just like the 86 model 4Runner was specified as IFS.
  18. what year truck is cruiser88's truck?

    because he told me it is an 85, and also before i bought my truck (i was not on mud) i did not think they made a 4runner in 84, and there are still some on mud that did not know that they made a 84 4runner. i just seen a post from some one a few weeks ago. there is a lot of misinformation out there about these years, reason why i ask the question, now i also have a supplement fsm for automatic transmission for the 85 year, who knows if Toyota also had the same for their efi systems, i was only asking a question. oh in my 85 manual it covers the auto trans so why the supplement fsm. :hmm:

    i just put it out their i never said that because ngk had this on their site that it was set in stone.
  19. 2ndGenToyotaFan

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    It's complicated....
    I'd like to know the build date on this 4Runner... And what the info plate on the firewall says about what engine it has. Could have been a 22R that someone put an RE valve cover on...
  20. jerod he was saying all 85 4runners had efi, i think, that is why i said 88's 4runner is an 85 with a carb.

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