Weekend At Ashers - Memorial Day Weekend 2009

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Sep 16, 2004
Emporia, KS
Next TAC event on the calendar is the ever-popular weekend at the Asher Farm in Camden Point, MO.

This year the dates will be Friday May 22 thru Monday May 25.

We've always been pretty laid back this weekend with a focus on hanging out and playing a little in the mud.

Who's in this year?

Chris, Shannon, and Cooper
The entire Butler family will be in attendance this year. Not sure if we'll stay the entire weekend, but at least a couple of days. They got a hookup for our camper there?? Can't wait to sling some mud with my little AT's. See y'all there.
Planning on making it up to check out some of your rigs and say hellp. I have committments on Sat/Sun, so likely monday only.

the osage crew WILL be there...high school baseball will be over and summer ball will not yet have started...it is always a great time....looking forward to seeing everyone again

We are looking forward to everyone coming up for a weekend of fun an relaxation. We have planty of places to plug in your campers and pitch your tents. We usually do pot luck if that is ok with everyone.
One Old Crow plans on attending, but Mike will be at his high school reunion. May just ride with Rob as Mike will have the pick-up with him, so no way to get the mini there. Peggy
I put up the new pool today. Remember how it got so hot last year. Bring your swim suits or birthday suits.
We're plannin' on making it up north. No sis in-law this year since she's going to the Black Hills with us.
We're going to try and make it this year. Probably leave the dogs at my mom's and won't be doing much wheeling since I have these HD overloads in until we're moved (not that it flexed all that great before). Anyway, we'll try to be there for a day or two.
Looks like I will be making an appearance on Saturday...the fam might be joining me as well.
We will not be attending this year. Even though we now have a cruiser that runs. Ethan is still asking about the LandCruiser camp out every time we go to St. Joe.

We are going to try and attend the GATOR event this fall.

I wish we could make it but we will be coming back from our (her) honeymoon.
Wendy and Chris, too bad Sharon can't make it this year, but tell her we'll see her at BHCC!
Everyone, What do we want to eat? I will eat anything but do you all want to throw out some ideas? Italian night? BBQ? Fish Fry? Pizza? Hamburgers? We have several nights and Saturday evenig is usually our largest gathering.
Fish fry or fish & chips sounds awesome! Only problem is finding a good fish monger with super fresh fish. Know any?

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