TLC4x4 Brake Calipers Who has them?

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Jan 24, 2006
I have a set of calipers from and will be installing them soon and have a few questions for those who have them.

  1. What are the best pads to use, I have tried to find HP pads like Hawk and other run of the mill brands with no luck. It will be a daily driver so I want stopping power!
  2. Is there any quirks I need to know when installing? ie Brake quiet or backing plate behind the pad?
Heres a pic for those who have not seen them. Monster piston size.

A couple observations....

Are the two pictures posted of the same caliper? One side says TLC while the other SSBC. Are these made by Stainless Steel Brakes Co for TLC?

What are the piston diameters?

$259 each and you don't even get pads? Ouch. They definitely got the bling thing going.

For less than the cost of one of these you you can get two reman V6 4 Runner loaded calipers which have four 40mm pistons. You'll still have enough left over for a 2-4 cases of beer, depending on your brand.

EDIT: piston diameters and bad spelling correected.
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I just got mine will be putting them in this weekend w/new dba rotors. According to TLC they just bolt right up. I guess we'll find out how they install. Any OEM pad made for 75-90 Toyota LC front calipers will work. I went with AXXIS/PBR ceramic and kevlar. I got mine from part #63-223-0137 $42.95. Man-A-Fre sells the same pad for (D252RU) $39.95.

It looks like the calipers were manufactured by SSBC for TLC4X4 and it shows in the price and quality. These things are beautiful.
I just got off the phone with TLC. The 'monster calipers' have four 40mm pistons. Based upon this, I can see no performance advantage over using the 92-94 V6 4 Runner calipers. As a disadvantage, the TLC's use the smaller FJ40 pad which will wear faster as compaired to the larger 4 Runner and they cost 3X more...and they're made by Stainless Steel Brakes.



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The billet caliper body alone will provide a leverage increase over a cast caliper...just ask the F1 and MotoGP racers. However, I see the point. For the common man the Toyota truck calipers will work just as well.
I only see bling advantage. My cast calipers look like poop- all rusty on the outside.
Which would dissapate heat quicker- stainless or cast?

My intention was not to crap on his parade but to say 'that there's something that works just as well and costs 1/3 as much'.

I have wasted money on things I thought were the baddest thing going, only to find out later that the best things don't always cost the most. Spend on!

I see these as a very expensive 'me too' that other than looking real cool offer no performace advantage over what is already available. I think it's great that companies come up with products for a releatively small prospective customer base. I would just like to see something better. I hope the FJC goes over well with the aftermarket. Ever see how much crap is out there for Creeps?
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Yes they are made from SSBC For TLC, And yes no pads as well. Jonathon uses a stock pad and has good luck with them. From a service standpoint this means anyone could have brake pads installed anyplace at anytime without having to be serviced at TLC.

I had a mach up bolt on with the knuckle you see in the picture and they bolt fine as they should coming from SSBC and having TLC's name on them. Yes they are expensive on the retail side, but if you saw the rest of my 40 you would have a better idea on why I am going with these for not only the bling but stopping power. My 40 is a 1-off ground up of all new OEM parts and man what an adventure it has been collecting parts......

But it does scare me that these are not hard anodized. Meaning I have to heep all chemicals away do to staining the aluminium.

I think that the aluminium will disapate heat much better as well, will it not?

Edge, I will be ordering those pads, looks like what I need. Also, did you put in the "W" anti rattle spring? I also bought the big vented drilled rotors from Brembo and cant wait to see what they do.

I will also see if there is a rear shoe worth boying over OEM.

And I hear a few of you saying those rotors and calipers are not stock!!!! Correct, all the brakes including Stainless Steel brake lines and Braided lines were purched from TLC for the best braking I could buy. If it was a safety Item I bought the best I could find.

But the information like the later calipers is valuable for me if I do another. That I would have noever found out and kept using OEM. Thanks for that, and those are the cool things I love about mud and forums....Thanks.

DGANGLE, I think you need to order up a set for your ride...............
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If any one needs a perfect set of knuckles loaded with the birfield I will have a set soon.

Heres whats going on to relace them.:bounce::bounce::bounce2::bounce2:
AATLAS1X said:
If any one needs a perfect set of knuckles loaded with the birfield I will have a set soon.

Heres whats going on to relace them:

What is the difference?
What year(s) T100 calipers will fit?
1973Guppie said:
Just FYI, I use T100 calipers on my 40, they are monster and work great!


T-100? Wow, are they a direct bolt up?

Thanks Noah.
AATLAS1X said:

In the parts you are replacing, compared to what you are looking to get rid of?

DUH! ;)

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