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Sep 19, 2014
My drag link (I think) appears to be bent at the end. I don't know much of anything about these parts so I am not sure. There is also a pretty constant kind of squeal coming from the front left area when driving. What do I need to fix this and what could the noise be?



20150222_141909.jpg tie rod end?

Maybe the noise is coming from there being no grease in the boot.
Your knuckle also looks like it could use some grease. tie rod end?

Maybe the noise is coming from there being no grease in the boot.

Yep, looks like it. This is on my to do list. I purchased the OTC 7315A puller on Amazon. This worked great when I installed my steering stabilizer. There are numerous threads on here illustrating how to replace the tie rod ends. Or, for $8 you could buy a new boot and try that. If you are experiencing loud clunking noises I think you found the culprit.
I wouldn't worry about it unless theres slop in the joint. I don't see anything bent. Not likely to be the cause of your squeal.
Drag link doesn't appear bent at all, as mentioned, your tie rod end needs repaired or replaced, wouldn't hurt to replace them all at once and not have to worry about it for a while. However, also as mentioned it's not likely that the bad boot or dry ball joint are causing a squealing noise, sounds like you should figure out if there is a cruiser club local to you and enlist some help finding the real issue.

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