Shoulder seatbelt mod needed

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Sep 12, 2012
New York/Connecticut/New Jersey
For center rear seat.
i have a 89 FJ62 - so side seats have shoulder belts but center is a lap belt.....

any one add a shoulder belt to the middle rear seat?

i searched threads and came up empty

thanks so much if anyone has any ideas
From my Turdle build thread: The Rushing Turdle

I have had several inquiries regarding the seat belts I purchased and where I got them. I bought my belts from Seatbelt Planet. Part numbers are as follows and each part number is one pair of belts (2 seats worth):

Front belts - 5031235 FJ60&62 1983-90 Land Cru Dr/Pass/Dk Brown

Rear belts - 5031335 FJ60&62 1983-90 Land Cru Rear Dr/Pass /Hdw Dk Brown.

Oh! I misread your post. No idea for the middle seat. That would be hard to pull off. Your shoulder belts do not retract, correct? Maybe you could convert the two sides to retractable belts and re-use one of your manual belts in the middle. You'd have to create new mount points for the center. Maybe the shoulder for the center could attach to the body behind the seat back?
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This is a Disco II rear bench for illustration.

Space wise you would want to mount the retractor under the seat.

You would need to create a mounting point for the top "shoulder loop" on the back of the seat back flipping it to hang at the top or front facing. I see this as being the largest challenge from a fabrication stand point. You would need to have it be pretty solid to be of any good putting a kid in it. Then depending on how finished you want it to look your talking about tailoring the seat cover.

The lower buckle receiver would just bolt into the existing bolt holes so no real issues there.

You could.. face the retractor towards the rear of the vehicle. run the belt path behind the seat back up and over shoulder top and down to the receiver buckle, belt would continue over to the retractor side mounting to below the seat. Problem would be belt running over the top of the seat, is that even structural enough for passenger saftey?

Cats pajamas would be if you could make it look clean and set it up to be a quick disconnect system so it stays tucked under the seat when not needed and then could be routed thru a carpet "window" at the fold at the bottom of the seat back. Pull the belt thru run up and over, and plug in the receiver to set-up when needed.


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