Price check on two options

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Jan 25, 2010
Ellicott City, MD
Sold my 94 fzj80 a few years back after purchasing a 12 QX56, and now looking at getting back into it. Not having looked at pricing lately, want to run some options by the experts here.

Option 1: 96, 240k, not locked poverty pack, $2900, not sure on maintenance except the brakes.

Option 2: 97 CE, 160k, locked, stock, one owner, $5500.

Both are within budget. Is there a perceived premium for the poverty packs? Thanks for the input!
if you have the space, I agree with retro - otherwise: option 2 :cheers:
Looks like option two is the consensus, just got a little more info on option 1: new brakes and calipers on all four, fairly new radiator.

So folks aren't willing to pay for the poverty pack eh?
I'd take the poverty pack option but that's just me.
I would do the DX. I prefer air lockers so factory lockers mean nothing to me. I have a reliable '92. No ABS, PITA heater hose, air bags, or head gasket issues. To each their own.
I'm a little new to the 80's. What do we mean by the poverty pack?
This particular model as cloth seats, no sun roof, no roof racks, and no sliding rear windows.
Based on the info provided, option 2 seems to be the better value. Do you have links so we can take a closer look?
Option 2 is near me..biggest thing could be the rust. Had a few friends interested in it as well as me but I don't think I could sell my truck and don't have the room for 2 :( option 1 has a new steering wheel from a later model it looks like. I'd do option 2 since obd2 pretty good price decent leather. Needs to be checked for rust
option 2 pending rust....... the interior looks good and lockers are a plus. Rust and service would be my main concerns....

Welcome back to the addiction.... !
Lol... I thought buying a nissan patrol based qx56 was going to replace my old cruiser, but I just don't see taking that thing off road anytime soon with it's 22" rims.
All depends on what the OP is going to do with truck. If not leaving pavement option 1. To me, factory lockers are worth $3K. Has option 1 had HG replaced? If not that cost needs to be accounted for in the price. To me, 240K miles is pushing it for OEM HG.

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